How it all started

The innovative idea is to truly think in your shoes, and that can be a life - changing case — what you want is the best chair in a fair price, which might sound a bit greedy, but we made it happen — after years of research and efforts in this industry, we decided to cut out the middle man, design and manufacture even the tiniest part all on our own, never engaging in OEM, and save every penny that you deserve.
* Design, Customize & Manufacture Our Very Own Chair
* The Most Comfortable Chair Also The Wisest Choice

Did you know?

People spend about nine hours sitting each day.
According to a 2012 study,
people were sitting an average of 64 hours a week.
We see that when you surf the net world,
You suffer from back aches, neck sores and maybe more.
But AndaSeat just won’t allow this to happen to you.

For we are you shield, your armor and your loyalest friend.
We want you to conquer the demon and come back stronger.
We want you to push through hell and rise higher and higher.

* Born for a Much Healthier Lifestyle
* Your Well-being Matters, AndaSeat Cares

Via Years of Research & Study
AndaSeat Redefines Ergonomics
For We ONLY Makes
What We Feels the MOST Comfortable

The Most Comfortable Chair
Also The Wisest Choice

Customer to Manufacturer Strategy

When you choose AndaSeat, you get the whole package. From hardware, assembling to package, each AndaSeat chair is exclusive. We are in fully control of each process and component, engaging an OEM is never an option. That’s the secret of how we only and always use the BEST to build the GREATEST.

We See You, We Hear You

By adopting direct - to customer system, we get real-time inbound feedback for specific customized demand. We see how it torments you to game/work for long hours, we hear what you need is a chair that deserves every penny you’ve invested in — and here we are, capturing every tiny wish by designing ergonomically, manufacturing directly, and always thinking thoughtfully. Here you can customize your own chair. To ensure personal comfort, influencers are invited to test AndaSeat chairs. Too serve your passion, co-brand series such as Marvel series are released.

* Embrace Your Personality * Speak Out Your Mind

Make a Difference

Our Innovation of Ergonomics - Unique AD+ Design

Inspired by the latest tech on ergonomics and solid structures building, AndaSeat built our very own specialized laboratories to run multiple tests, after over a decade of research and efforts, AD+ Design was invented, which stirs the soul by taking gaming to the next level by improving posture, taking the burden of your back and delivering ease over long, hard gaming sessions or working.

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Certificated Safety and Durability

AndaSeat Today

AndaSeat is now a world - leading Esport chair brand
favored by players and video games industry professionals in over 30 countries.

We’re in major markets like the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

We Shall Never Stop Surprising You By Redefining Ergonomic Chair

Check out the AndaSeat Storm
in world famous teams events and exhibitions

Also the top choice for many Esports team such as Fnatic,
LGD, AHQ Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five and OMG.

AndaSeat started off manufacturing racing car seats, providing professional seats for sports competitions, such as racing, football, volleyball, etc.
As Esports has been a growing industry, AndaSeat shifted towards gaming chairs, offering OEM solution for the manufacturing of many Tier 1 gaming chair brands.
AndaSeat is officially an Esport brand and launched its very own Esport chair. Combining the expertise accumulated in racing seats and gaming chairs, and our OEM advantage, AndaSeat now resolves to build the most comfortable gaming chair with the most reasonable price in the world. 
AndaSeat sponsored the first champion of KPL in China, and WEFUN, YTG.
June 2017
AndaSeat Assassin
As the debut of our transition from racing car seat to gaming seat, Assassin series remains the awesome styles and high - end quality of racing car seats.
August 2017
Spirit King Series
After the huge success of Assassin series, AndaSeat released Spirit King series to offer chic designs, satisfying the demand of the young.
AndaSeat Dark Knight
AndaSeat has become an indispensable brand in sport as the exclusive chair sponsor of China National Football Team and National Volleyball League. Also has become the top choice for many Esports team such as Fnatic, LGD, AHQ Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five, etc.
February 2018
AndaSeat Axe
Axes series are designed to meet basic needs of gamers, offering comfortable playing experience for those who do not demand intricate functions.
April 2018
AndaSeat Dark Knight
The first high - end gaming chair ever, being engineered to the highest standards with superior quality and next - level comfort, set a new benchmark for the industry.
June 2018
Pretty in Pink Series
First pink edition, designed for fashion lovers who’d also love a hue of cuteness in their life, unlocking every possibility of supreme comfort with the best materials.
August 2018
Dark Wizard Series
The affordable alternative of Dark Knight, standing out with thick padding and high grade of PVC leather.
AndaSeat expanded the market in North America with the best quality, the longest warranty period and the most competitive pricing in the industry, offering players a healthy and comfy playing experience.
February 2019
The new flagship edition after Dark Knight, remaining the outstanding design, high - end quality and ergonomic characteristics.
April 2019
Dark Demon
The most economical edition with Unique AD+ Design. Features Innovative AD + framework, personalized 4D armrests, and removable headrest and lumbar cushion.
June 2019
Jungle Series
The perfect entry - level gaming chair, with ergonomics, style, quality and comfort all in together.
August 2019
Throne Series
Our top series with the finest equipment. Features Innovative AD + framework, AD+ PVC Leather, personalized 4D armrests, High - density AD + Mould Foam, headrest and lumbar cushion of premium memory foam. Along with RGB edition.
February 2020
AndaSeat T-Pro
Designed in European style for office or home use, features linen fabric for leisure comfort, presenting a family feel.
June 2020
AndaSeat Fnatic Edition
AndaSeat has become the exclusive sponsor of FNC, providing high - end Esports chairs, thus launched Fnatic Edition. Along with the robust, solid build quality, and excellent adjustability for supporting posture.
February 2020
AndaSeat T-Pro
Designed in European style for office or home use, features linen fabric for leisure comfort, presenting a family feel.
August 2020
Kaiser 2
The updated flagship edition after Kaiser, features impressive size, thicker padding and higher grade of PVC leather and AD+ framework, becoming gamers’ favorite series.
December 2020
Marvel Series
AndaSeat partnered with Disney and launched the Marvel edition. Satisfying Marvel fans with eyecatching design, ergonomic comfort and high - end quality.
September 2020
T-Pro 2
The upgraded flagship edition of T-pro for supreme comfort. Designed in European style for office or home use, features linen fabric for leisure comfort, presenting a family feel.
June 2021
Positioned in entry - level. Designed in European style for office use, T-Alpha features linen fabric. An economical choice for the mass.
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