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  • R
    Verified Robin C.
    Fast Delivery
  • J
    Verified John
    I saw this Dark Demon from a youtube video few weeks ago. Decided to give it a try. I ordered online and received in 4 days, can't complain since it is free shipping. The chair is heavy and sturdy. I really really like the design and the leather material they use on the chair! You won't be able to tell when you see the picture on their website but the actual one looks much more high-end. I am very happy with the decision I made, Anda Seat gaming chair is much better than I expected.
  • A
    Verified Anonymous
    My son loves Anda Seat Dark Demon Gaming Chair. It really seems to be holding up for a very long time. We will see. So far so good.
  • J
    Verified Jane D
    Super nice chair. Very comfortable. It is not cheap but is worth your money.
  • M
    Verified Michael W.
    The adjustability across multiple degrees of freedom makes finding the most ergonomic configuration an experience in itself. Great Gaming Experience.
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    Verified MasonMattern
    I was initially skeptical of this chair as I am a 6'5"", 250 lb. man. I did a significant amount of research on chairs that are good for someone who spends a lot of time in front of computer for gaming and school and of my size. Unfortunately there are very few options that are good quality, adjustable and under $400 (first time really shopping for chairs so I was shocked at how high the prices go). So when I dropped the money on it I was very scarred at first. When it came in I set it up, which was not too difficult but is made easier with another person. Then i cautiously sat down and tried it out, messing with every single lever and button. I was amazed at how many ways I could alter my sitting experience. It actually goes up high enough for my height (almost no chairs actually do) and cant recline to almost become a bed. I have only been using it for a month now, but it has already helped with my back pain in chairs (the adjustable lumbar pillow is fantastic and can be easily moved around to where you need it most). I am also able to actually put my head on the top of the headrest, something I can't even do in an airplane!
  • M
    Verified Michelle W.
    Anda Seat makes great products. I got this for my boyfriend birthday. He love it so much. It is definitely worth it.
  • S
    Verified Sherry
    I am 6'8"" 300lbs boy does this chair feel great. I love the height adjustable,all sides go adjustable armrest,the rocking and the adjustable lumbar and pillow for gaming. My last chair is an office chair and was starting to wear out so I decided to make the switch. My wife works from home and seats in approx. 12 hrs/day. She absolutely loves this chair too. My first impression of the chair was its sturdy,stiffness but after a while it's what keeps you supported without getting fatigued and tired for the body. Overall, this is really the chair that worth. i am gonna to buy the second one.
  • L
    Verified Larry J.
    My son is a gamer and purchased this chair for 6 months. He now spent too much time in front of PC with complainting.
  • W
    Verified Will Y.
    Using this amazing chair everyday. Absolutely comfortable.