Don’t let your past determine the future

Ant Man is one of the heros with the most special capability-size-shifting from nearly microscopic to ~100 feet gigantic. He offers the major strategic turning point in the Endgame. His unique role is demonstrated in the design of AndaSeat Ant Man Edition. The overal design is recognizable at the first glance-Don’t let your past determinethe future.

The Black and Red color is designed from the identical Ant Man elements, generating the feels that this is Ant Man overal and in details.

The Ant Man edition has been designed with the newest member of the Avengers'iconic black and red colors together with the Ant Man logo at the centre or the rear and front of the chair. The logo is also placed on the detachable head cushion with the Marvel logo on the lumbar cushion and at the top of the chair for an unmistakable yet classy finish.