Anda Seat Launches the Jungle 2 Office Chair

Anda Seat Launches the Jungle 2 Office Chair

Andaseat Launches the Jungle 2 Office Chair

Gaming Chair/Office Chair with Footrest, Enjoy a Nap Whenever You Want


LONDON, September 22, 2021 – Professional seating specialists, AndaSeat, who previously manufactured race car seats and partnered with prestigious brands in the sports and Esports field, today announces the availability of its Jungle 2 series office chair, the gaming chair with footrest for both the home office user and gamer. The chair is pre-order available on the AndaSeat Official Website with delivery expected in November. To celebrate the launch, AndaSeat provides a time limited early bird discount 10% off on its US site, UK site and EU site.



With all excellent performance of AndaSeat Jungle series affordable gaming chair, the upgraded Jungle 2 series made great improvements in footrest, materials as well as the details.

Sturdy retractable velvet footrest saves space and ensures naps comfortable and relieves fatigue quickly whenever.

Exquisite leatherette with velvet plush liner fabric in the ergonomic design creates a superior fit, finish and feel.

Fine and even stitching in the contract color of passion orange shows its outstanding streamlined and gets rid of rigid.

This reclining office chair with footrest provides luxury and comfort, whether it's used for intense gaming sessions and climbing to the top of the leader boards, or long work days.


Velvet AD+ Sturdy Retractable Footrest

Retractable footrest makes naps as comfortable as lying in bed, so it is so comfortable that we could smoothly and fully recline the chair and take a nap if we wanted to. If you're looking to treat your body with a chair that will genuinely last, the AndaSeat Jungle 2 stylish ergonomic office chair is worth every penny. This gaming chair with footrest can be used as an office chair, computer chair or a racing chair. It's a perfect choice for you to play computer games, watch TV, work and relax.


Revolution of Ergonomics - Unique AD+ Design

Resolved to turn your sedentary fatigue into hours and hours of comfort, AndaSeat combined the latest tech on ergonomics with accumulated expertise in this industry, and built our very own specialized laboratories to run multiple tests, after over a decade of research and efforts, AD+ Design was invented, which stirs the soul by taking gaming to the next level by improving posture, taking the burden off your back and delivering ease over long, hard gaming sessions or working.


DuraXtraAD+ Leather & EverSoftAD+ Linen Fabric

The DuraXtraAD+ Leather is a must-have for top-end AndaSeat chairs, featuring smooth touch, scratch resistance and stain resistance, much stronger to keep the shape to last. Made by chemically altering vinyl, a flexible plastic resin, DuraXtraAD+ Leather is typically combined with a variety of fillers to last longer and resist wear and tear, while presenting a sophisticate texture and shine. Matched with velvet plush liner fabric in the ergonomic design to provide extra soft and comfortable texture with arm and hip parts.

Certificated Safety and Durability

DuraXtraAD+ Leather does not contain any harmful amounts of elements.

*Physical test performed by SGS for strength, resistance, stability,

*Chemical test performed by SGS about Lead, Cadmium, DMF, Phthalates, PAHs.



TitanSteelAD+ Framework

The rugged, powder-coated steel frame is integrated and cut with no bent, which ensures the truly lasting of stability and sturdiness. Precisely manufactured with 22mm diameter steel, which is one of the best choices for an esport chair frame. Tested by ANSI BIFMA, EN12520 and EN1335.

55kg/m³Re-DenseAD+ Moulded Foam

A perfect combination of strength and resilience. Re-DensAD+ tech is applied to upgrade the density, enhancing longevity and alleviating the problems of 'sagging' seats over time. Produced without the application of heat, with a skin that reduces air escaping and maintains a permanent shape, the foam is molded to hold the shape for its entire life.



Jungle 2 Series Office Chair is pre-order available on AndaSeat Website delivery expected around 15th November.

Buy at the early bird 10% off discount now.

US Site for $249.99    Early Bird Buy Discount Price  $224.99

UK Site for £249.99    Early Bird Buy Discount Price  £224.99

EU Site for €269.99    Early Bird Buy Discount Price  €224.99


Product Highlights

* Latest Extendable Velvet Footrest

* DuraXtraAD+Leather & EverSoftAD+ Linen Fabric

* Re-DenseAD+ Moulded Foam(55kg/m³)

* SyncTiltAD+ Reclining Back

* Lumbar Pillow & Head Pillow

* 2-Dimensional Armrests

* 60mm Smooth & Quiet PU Casters

* TitanSteelAD+ Framework

* Premium Nylon Base

* Class - 4 Gas Lift


Max                                              180cm

Loading weight rocking                110kg

Loading weight static                   150kg


About AndaSeat

Founded in 2007 and with a history of manufacturing racing car seats for BMW and Mercedes Benz, AndaSeat is the exclusive chair sponsor of China national football team and national volleyball team, making AndaSeat an indispensable brand in sport.

As esports has been a growing industry, AndaSeat shifted towards gaming chairs, offering players and video games industry professionals a healthy and comfortable playing experience thanks to their know-how with sports seats. AndaSeat has now become the worlds leading gaming chair supplier.

Anda Seat’s range of products are deemed and recognized by professionals of the video game industry, and they the chair of choice for many esports team such as Fnatic, LGD, Navi Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five and OMG. We’ve also collaborated with EXCEL, Chief, Buriram United Esport, WLGaming Esports, Marvel, Ubisoft and Hasbro etc.

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