Anda Seat Buying Guide: Which Chair Should You Pick?

Anda Seat Buying Guide: Which Chair Should You Pick?

Anda Seat Buying Guide: Which Chair Should You Pick?

The world leading gaming chair brand, Anda Seat, dedicates to provide best gaming chairs for gaming, office and home using, resolved to turn your sedentary fatigue into hours and hours of comfort. Whether for long computer gaming sessions or extended hours at work, these pc gaming chairs provide an exceptionally comfortable and productive work experience. 

If you're just looking for everyday comfort, some of the best gaming chairs contenders such as Andaseat might seem over the top. Andaseat has made plenty ergonomic gaming chairs by combining the great gaming chair features with the minimalist aesthetic. Looking for a new comfy chair but not sure which one should choose, let’s help.


What’s your size?

We’re all built different, so it’s important to find a chair that fits you. We have 3 size chairs—M (Small), L(Regular) and XL(Largest). And also each size chair is of different density of the chair mould foam to best match your size.  

With more than 10 years specialist experience, multiple iterations and extensive testing and in seating filed, we tailored each size to fit height and weight ranges that caters to as many as possible.

What’s your fit? Let’s help you find the Anda Seat chair that fits you best.

Chair Size




Maximum Loading Weight (Rocking)

110kg (240 lbs)

130kg (280 lbs)

150kg (330 lbs)

Maximum Loading Weight (Static)

150kg (330 lbs)

170kg (370 lbs)

200kg (440 lbs)

Maximum  Loading Height

180cm (5'9")

200cm (6'5")

210cm (6'8")

Mould Foam Density




Chair Models



Pretty in Pink,

Soft Kitty,

Ant Man,

Iron Man

Dark Demon,

Navi Edition,


Spider Man,

Excel Edition




Captain American

The table above is the maximum loading weight and height.

If your weight exceeds the maximum weight of rocking mode, please turn off the rocking mode to avoid damage to the chair.

If your height or weight are all below the maximum limit, we suggest you to take:

Larger Size: if you looking for more seating space.

Smaller Size: if you prefer a snugger fit, or usually have trouble setting your feet flat on the floor.

If you are weight 150kg with height of 170cm, we advice you to order XL size gaming chair as it with widen sitting space. And usually, with the XL size chair of its lowest height, we can put our feet on the floor. Take the editor me for example, I am height of 162cm(feet to knee length of 45cm), sitting on XL size chair like T-Pro2 or Kaiser 2 of its lowest height and I can rest my feet on the floor. In case you can’t put your feet on the floor, a foot massage tool can be applied.

If you are very tall (above 190cm) and very thin, Spider Man Gaming Chair is the ideal choice. It has more widen sitting space than other L size gaming chairs and its backrest’s length longer even than XL size gaming chair. (Tips: get 50% off code for marvel series via email to


Leatherette or Fabric?

Our T-Pro2 and T-Compact are fabric gaming chair and the rest are all leather gaming chair. T-Pro2 is XL size gaming chair while T-Compact is L size gaming chair. And our other gaming chairs are all leather gaming chairs.

Fabric gaming chair is more breathable than the leather chair. Leather gaming chair will be more easy to be cleaned compared to the fabric chairs.

Work from Home?

WFH is a reality for many people today, but does that mean back pain seems almost unavoidable now?

AndaSeat take the burden of your back and ease your working fatigue. Having combined the latest tech on ergonomics with accumulated expertise, Anda comfy office chairs bring you back a healthy and productive lifestyle. T-Pro2 gaming chair and T-Compact gaming chair are second to none choice for WFH.


Esport Co-designed Chairs

Fnatic Edition, co-designed with Fnatic AndaSeat serves as the Official Gaming Chair Supplier for Fnatic, to better Fnatic’s performance strategy and players’ health with the latest technology on ergonomics, ensuring ultimate game experience and bringing them comfort through long training sessions and tournaments.


Navi Edition, What kind of sparks will occur when “The Best for the Best” meets “Born to Win”? That is Anda Seat Navi Edition Gaming Chair - Born to Win, Built to Last. This esport gaming chair is pre-order available in Black and Yellow with the a time limited early bird discount 10% off plus free mouse pad.


Marvel Series Gaming Chair

Authorized by marvel, we released marvel series gaming chair - Spider Man, Iron Man, Captain America and Ant Man. It perfectly matches your other Avengers gadgests in the room and it stands out to be the most eye catching one.



Girls Cute Gaming chair

Soft Kitty Series, comfy and gorgeous gaming chairs delicate designed for girls, not only provide the best sitting comforts but also bring a lively aesthetic to your gaming room.



About AndaSeat

Founded in 2007 and with a history of manufacturing racing car seats for BMW and Mercedes Benz, AndaSeat is the exclusive chair sponsor of China national football team and national volleyball team, making AndaSeat an indispensable brand in sport.

As esports have been a growing industry, AndaSeat shifted towards gaming chairs, offering players and video games industry professionals a healthy and comfortable playing experience thanks to their know-how with sports seats. AndaSeat has now become the worlds leading gaming chair supplier.

AndaSeat’s range of products are deemed and recognized by professionals of the video game industry, and they the chair of choice for many esports team such as Fnatic, LGD, Navi Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five and OMG. We’ve also collaborated with EXCEL, Chief, Buriram United Esport, WLGaming Esports, Marvel ,Ubisoft and Hasbro etc.

For more info about AndaSeat please visit