How to Choose Office Chair

How to Choose Office Chair

How to Choose Office Chair

Office workers need to sit for at least eight hours a day, the office chair plays an important role in the office. Therefore, it is very crucial for us to purchase a comfortable office chair. Do you know how to choose the office chair? Now let the Anda Seat blog share some tips with you.



Ergonomics is a crucial component to ensure comfortability and prevent potential health issues from sitting down for long periods. Anda Seat ergonomic office chair stirs the soul by taking gaming to the next level by improving posture, taking the burden off your back, your butt and your whole body and delivering ease over long, hard gaming sessions or working.


Everyone's weight is different, so the back inclination is different. The inclination of ordinary chairs is fixed, but a comfortable office chair can adjust the back angle so that everyone can find the suitable angle. Featured "comfort tech" backrest that allows the user to Recline from 90°to 160°with full-mechanism backrest, Anda Seat comfy office chair can be adapt to whatever preference you may have.


Height adjustment is essential. In addition, armrest adjustable will ensure you obtain good arm support. 4D armrests i.e. Pretty In Pink can be adjusted Up-down, Front-back, Left-right, Horizontal pan. 1D armrests i.e. Jungle and Jungle 2 can also be moved up and down to rest your elbows.


It will be better that the office chair comes with adjustable lumbar pillow and head pillow. These pillows will support your lower back while keeping your spine in its natural alignment, and also prevents you from slouching while working for long hours by filling in the space between your back/neck and backrest. Anda Seat office