AndaSeat Officially Became The Designated Chair of 2023 PEL

May 19, 2023

AndaSeat has officially become the designated chair of 2023 PEL (Peace Elite League). Witness the birth of elite together with PEL!


PEL is the highest level professional league officially held by Game For Peace, and is one of the most influential mobile game events in the world. As a partner of 2023 PEL, AndaSeat will work together with PEL to provide more professional and comfortable gaming chairs for players to help them operate flexibly and win the game.

andaseat-officially-became-the-designated-chair-of-2023-pel andaseat-officially-became-the-designated-chair-of-2023-pel

In this cooperation, AndaSeat specially launched a "Dedicated PEL Chair"- with ergonomics as its core design, scientific release of pressure, to bring lasting and comfortable gaming experience for players. Black and orange as its main color, cool mecha stitching design, greatly shows a sense of power and the essence of the elite.


About AndaSeat

AndaSeat is a global brand of gaming chair, currently registered and run in 54 countries around the world. Based on the "ergonomic" design, AndaSeat is dedicated to all kinds of e-sports events only to provide players with a more comfortable and healthy gaming experience. As a high-end gaming chair brand, AndaSeat has continuously strengthened its brand influence through competitions and now has become the designated partner of more than 30 professional teams and the official sponsor of many domestic soccer clubs, providing chairs for home games and boosting the development of e-sports in China.