AndaSeat Aftercare Guide


AndaSeat Aftercare Guide

With regular care and maintenance, your AndaSeat chair will provide years of superior performance and satisfaction. To maintain the quality of your AndaSeat product, please follow the instructions and guides outlined here.

Usage & Safety Instructions

Cleaning & Maintain Procedures

Essential Tips to Care For AndaSeat Gaming Chairs

  1. Follow the usage instructions. Make sure you're using your chair safely. Even the toughest of materials will suffer from repeated careless usage. Improper use of the chair can result in damage to its parts, or even worse, the user.
  2. Pay attention to loading weight limit. The chair has Loading Weight Static and Loading Weight Rocking Limit. Please do not use the rocking mode when the weight over the maximum loading weight rocking. The weight limit spec is shown in product specification and buy pages.
  3. Don't abuse it. Even the toughest of chairs won't be able to stand up to rough usage, so keep your chair away from impacts, drops, and sharp objects.
  4. Keep away from liquids. Any form of moisture is detrimental to the gaming chair. Immediately clean up any spills and only sit on your AndaSeat chair after you have completely dried off from your shower.
  5. Avoid exposure to high heat. Such as direct sunlight for long times or hairdryers will compromise the leatherette's top coating, affecting its durability and shine or colour.
  6. Keep pets away. Claws and teeth can damage leatherette, line fabric or other soft parts of your chair, so do take extra care around your pets.

How to clean and maintain the PVC leather?

AndaSeat DuraXtraAD+ leather is naturally resistant to stains and easy to clean. Dirt and light stains are easily removed by wiping down with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Below are 5 tips to keep your AndaSeat leatherette gaming chair in tip top, long-lasting condition.

  1. Simply use the dry or slightly-damp micro-fibre to gently wipe the dust, perspiration or dirty.
  2. Use the mild water based cleaner with the micro-fibre gently wipe the tough stains.
  3. Test the water based cleaner first from the back or under area where doesn't affect.
  4. Leave it air dry or wipe it down with a dry micro-fibre cloth before using again.
  5. Cover your chair with a towel or mat to prevent sweat stains.

How to clean and maintain the linen fabric?

AndaSeat EverSoftAD+ Linen Fabric Upholstery - it is the strongest of the plant fibers, and its thickness makes it extremely sturdy to be woven into upholstery. Below are 5 tips to keep will help your Anda Seat line fabric gaming chair last even longer.

  1. Loose particles and dirt can be simply vacuumed up. Vacuum the back and seat of the fabric chair with a brush attachment regularly to remove surface dirt.
  2. Any spills should be blotted up with a dry cloth or paper towel as soon as possible.
  3. Spray small amount water-based solution onto a dry microfiber for removing the tough stains.
  4. Avoid the spilled some of your drink or dropped a few crumbs of your food onto the chair.
  5. Cover the gaming chair while not using to keep it clean from the dust.

How to clean and maintain the parts of gaming chair?

  1. Nuts & Bolts - Inspect the chair for loose nuts and bolts every 6 months.
  1. Armrests - Can be cleaned with damp micro-fibre cloth or water based cleaner or a wet towel for cleaning the screen.
  2. Wheel Base- Grab a soft sponge or cloth and a bowl of warm water mixed with mild detergent, then wash the surface of the base and dry it with a dry cloth.
  3. Pillows - You shouldn't have to clean them often, but if they start smelling funny, we recommend to take out the memory foam first. Then the leather surface can be cleaned and maintained with damp micro-fiber, and the linen or velvet fabric surface can be hand washed in water below 30 degrees celsius (around 90 degrees farenheit). Leave them to air dry—don't squeeze the water out! After it is dry, then put the memory foam into it.
  4. Casters - Make sure to vacuum the area where your chair sits to keep the wheels not stuck by tangled hair, threads or dust. If the casters do need to be cleaned, you may remove the casters by hand, then place scissors next to the roller on the axle to cut tangled hair, threads, and dust. And next to use tweezers to remove the loose debris.

What other tips you may know?

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