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Based on 22 reviews
  • 86.4% (19)
  • 13.6% (3)
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  • A
    Verified Andy Wagner
    Awesome seat. Super comfortable. I’m a big guy.. 350 pounds and 6’8” tall. It’s almost perfect.
  • P
    Verified Peter
    Just received my chair last Friday and built it up right away. It has been only one weekend but I have fall in love with it already.
  • J
    Verified James Taylor
    I got this more as an office chair than a gaming chair because of a review I read. The reviewer was 100% correct that as soon as you say “office” the price doubles - this chair is better than any chair I could find under $1,000. No, it may be a bit “orange” for a formal office, but for home it is perfect. Very solidly built for this large man. Might be overkill for those under 200 lbs, but perfect for those over 200.
  • J
    Verified Jim Goertzen
    This chair can be used for everthing, not only for gaming. Super comfortable with good support from the lumber pillow. Looking is also good. I would say Top 1 chair.
  • W
    Verified Walters N.
    Easy set up and very comfortable. This large chair is just what I am looking for.
  • T
    Verified Tracey Henry
    First impression: It literally comes across as a high end seat from a car as described. It is sturdy and still super comfortable. I'm a big guy, only complaint is slight discomfort from the raised sides on the seat. I have literally napped in this chair. The customer service was excellent, I clicked an incorrect link and forgot to include the headphones they offered with the chair. It took a little bit, but they located some and shipped them internationally for me. Seriously some of the best customer service I have had in a while and a really great product.
  • J
    Verified Jeremy Dixon
    Decent seat but could use some fine tuning. It’s very sturdy and feels generally well put together. Assembly is super easy. It’s HEAVY but that’s to be expected. It weighs double my HM Embody chair easily. Colors are good. Stitching is great. It’s eSports without being totally over the top. 1. Height does not lower quite enough due to the chair controls and overall thickness of seat. I am 6’ tall and still find it sits a little too high even at its lowest. 2. Lumbar pillow is nice. Good firmness and shape. 3. Head pillow is far too hard. It’s memory foam but so so so hard. I had to remove it and stuff the pillow with something softer. The straps to hold the pillow on work well and keep it right where it needs to be. Not a lot of adjustment tho up or down but sits well for 6’ tall. 4. Casters could be bigger. The ones with chair are serviceable but they don’t take well to carpet. Given the weight of the chair it could really be double the size. (This is a problem with most all chairs tho so not Anda exclusive) Overall pretty good. I came with high expectations from my Herman Miller chair and haven’t been disappointed other than some minor gripes about items above.
  • G
    Verified Grandy NG.
    Great chair with high quality and good looking. Multi functions are extremely helpful and 100% worth every penny I spent.
  • M
    Verified Mukesh Ambani
    Honestly I have had this chair for couple months and I absolutely loved it. I am not that good with building stuff so it ws a little of hassle with assembling. I still give Anda Seat 5 stars because of the comfort and overall quality of it regardless.
  • S
    Verified sebastien Gros
    I purchased the fnatic model after reading the the review on gaming chairs by ars technica. I am 6"2' , 230lbs and the chair feels perfect for my size. The chair is sturdy, heavy and does feel sturdy. Every adjustment is easy to reach and I can switch from a working/typing sitting upward position to a reclined nap set-up in a blink. My only issue is the size of the neck cushion, which is too thick and feels uncomfortable, so I had to remove it. I hope that Andaseat ends up offering a neck cushion that is half the thickness of the current one.