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  • C
    Verified Calvin D.
    The quality of this chair exceeded my expectations. With the assemble guide from their web, not hard to install. I can not wait to spend more time on it.
  • M
    Verified Mark Carter
    Easily the nicest chair I've owned. Very comfortable and the build quality is great. I never feel like the chair is going to break no matter how I adjust it. I had no issues with any of the parts and it was easy to put together.
  • H
    Verified Habib_J
    I love this chair! Definitely worth the money. I'm 6' 5'' and about 350lbs and the chair fits me great. It hugs you and is very comfortable. The installation was pretty easy, took about half an hour to assemble. The pillows it came with are nice too but I only use the headrest pillow. The lumbar pillow felt like it stuck out too far for me. The wheels are nice and quiet and roll easy too. I would buy another one!
  • A
    Verified Arche JJ
    I had watched a lot of videos to decide which gaming chair I was going to get. Finally Anda Seat is my choice. I just want to say I can easliy fall asleep on it. You will know how comfy it is.
  • R
    Verified Ronald F.
    Setup was as smooth as it gets. There is nothing like it qulity and comfort are top notch. Right decision I have ever made.
  • S
    Verified Steffen Stacy
    My chair is most like a throne. It’s comfortable and solid as well. Being 6’2” and being about 250 it was hard to find a “big and tall” gaming/hobby chair. That said this one is well worth the price!
  • M
    Verified Matthew Pederson
    Love the chair. Absolutely love it. Assembly was easy, the chair looks phenomenal, I can sit in it for hours and feel just fine. Definitely would recommend Andaseat to a friend. The customer support was amazing as well. 10/10 would buy again.
  • M
    Verified Marvin C.
    I have has two office chair before this, and they did the job for many years. I was in the market for an upgrade and it was a toss up between this and another named brand chair. Decided to go with AndaSeat because it was a little cheaper (did get during the holiday sale) the fnatic colorway goes great where it would be placed, and specs showed it holds more weight than "the other guy". When i finally received my chair (a whole other story) i was glad i made the purchase. I can't speak for all "big guys" but it is definitely a chair to consider. My only honest issue i had with this was the waiting i had to go through for in too be shipped. The demand is high now that everyone is working from home. I recommend this chair, and there customer service isn't bad either.
  • M
    Verified Matthew Harrison
    We bought Anda Seat Fnatic chair to upgrade my desk setup. Very professional looking. Although a bit pricy to me, I would say it is a worthy investment.
  • J
    Verified John Squillace
    So I purchased these for both my wife and myself for our offices. The Fnatic came as advertised, sturdy, easy to assemble, and most all comfortable. The orange trim contrasts with my office, so I wish it would have come in solid black or other colors, but I understand who the chair is marketed towards. The only other thing is that after a couple of hours sitting in it, the parts of my body sitting in the chair becomes sweaty. If it had a way for the chair to have more breath ability it would be perfect! I would highly recommend this and when the time comes, I’ll purchase another.