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    Verified Panos
    At first i would like to thank you for taking care of my order and managed to ship the chair as priority. I received it few days after was shipped and i had no issues at all to assemble it. I am very satisfied with the Kaiser 2 I ordered with how sturdy it is for a tall guy like me. It really is a comfortable seat.
  • M
    Verified Mark S.
    #andaseat been using this bad boii for 3 months and it relieved my back pain.. so thanks for having my back!
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    Verified Tim Shotwell
    I’ve been using this at work for my office chair for several months now, can’t recommend enough!! AndaSeat is the best!
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    Verified Frank Jay Priboy
    I've been looking for an office chair for months. I'm not a gamer but I work long hours and love the tall backs gaming chairs offer. Most of the reviews I read about gaming chairs said they were great for short people. I'm 6'3 and 240 lbs and have had four back surgeries and a neck surgery so I wanted something to really support my back and my neck. This chair fits the bill. The lumbar cushion is great and the neck pillow works great too although I had to strap it above the holes that are built for that to get it high enough. Even the wheels are over-sized and super smooth. I had purchased some polyurethane wheels for this but the wheels that came with it were better than those so they ended up on another chair I use for my art desk. I am loving this chair so far but we'll see how it holds up. It feels really solid so I expect it to but I'll update this review if that changes.
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    Verified Levi C.
    I refused to replace my old chair cuz I loved it so much until my mom got me Anda Seat Kaiser Gaming chair. 5/5 would buy again.
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    Verified Robin M.
    Chair is amazing, comfortable and easy to install with their detail guide. I am feeling super good with this chair now and reall love to sit in it since the first minute.
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    Verified Tyler N.
    I watched a video from Youtube. A guy was driving his Motocycle with this chair on it as the seat. Super hilliarious. Does he want to prove how comfortable this chair is? I totally agree with hi..
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    Verified Brandon Yang
    Being someone suffering froma lower back pain, I have never sat in a chair for more than 2 hours without complaining. This Kaiser saved me.
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    Verified Andrew Den
    Highly recommend this chair. I am 190cm and weights 85kg if someone needs a reference. This chair is great for me.
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    Verified Brain
    Great chair so far, very comfortable and roomie. Even my girl can install it as well. 4 star righat now, will give 5 star when it last long enough. The colour is not too bright, it looks like pricy but actually affortable. I love it.