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Kaiser 2 Series
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Based on 107 reviews
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  • G
    Verified Guy Butch
    Love love love this chair! Solid, well built, comfortable and very fairly priced. I had it unboxed and sitting on it in about 15 minutes. Item arrived when it was supposed to and updates on my order status and tracking were great. Highly recommend this chair to anyone looking for a quality, comfortable chair.
  • F
    Verified Frank Sari
    Thank you Anda Seat to make the perfect chair for us. With this amazing chair, my back problem is way more better than before. The memory foam is the best.
  • M
    Verified Mohammed A
    Excellent chair so far. No compaint so far. Good review so far.
  • J
    Verified Joshua M.
    I got this Kaiser Series from Anda Seat. I will say the material is ultra comfortable and breaths way better than the one I have before. I am 6' and 300lb, not every chair can fit me but this one is really good. High qulity, well made. I advise people similar size as me to get this one. You will not regret to spend money like this because you eventually will get everything back.
  • S
    Verified Stephen B
    I'm 66 years old and have had the pleasure and displeasure of sitting in numerous chairs over the years and the Kaiser II is definitely the best for build and comfort. The support is fantastic with excellent density memory foam in nearly all areas of the chair and the huge neck pillow works exceptionally well on your mid back and shoulders when in the sitting position, recline in a more laid back position and the head part of the pillow does it's job very well with lots of support for your neck and head. Meanwhile the lumbar pillow provides an equally amount and evenly distributed support. Highly recommended! - Stephen Borick... Sisters, Oregon USA
  • S
    Verified Sam R.
    Kaiser is the king of gaming chair. No doubt.
  • J
    Verified Jonas Glen
    Well built, high qulity. Best chair ever. Really upgrade my office setting. Price can do better
  • H
    Verified Hogan
    100 thumbs up. Add this colour to my office which really help me cheer up every day. Super comfortable with the big support from those pillows.
  • J
    Verified Jordon Z.
    I have read so many reviews that said gaming chairs are over priced. The last thing I wanted to do is to spend too much money on unneccessary things. I did research online and went to their showing room after that. I was convinced by every single detail of this amazing chair.
  • K
    Verified Kathy Machan
    It works pretty well as a chair. I have some minor complaints such as it having limited vertical adjustment options, a pointy piece of metal sometimes showing up in the bottom cushion, and the headrest being a little uncomfortable, but beyond that it functions pretty well as a comfortable chair.