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Kaiser 2 Series
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  • K
    Verified Kai Natrasany
    Anda Seat Kaiser Exlarge chair allows me to sit for a long period of time without causing any pain on my back and neck. I totally can sleep on it. Two large pillow really offer enough support. Great product, Cheers Anda Seat.
  • G
    Verified Gary Salo
    I specifically ordered in USD as I wanted the larger neck pillow. I was called the next day and was assurred I would get the chair with small pillow and a large pillow would be set. I never received it. This is why ordered from the USD site and paid more for it.
  • V
    Verified Vicky L
    Solid chair, sturdy, comfy, a little pricy but worth paying the money. Strongly recommended if you really care about your own body.
  • D
    Verified Dim
    as a big boy myself (1.83cm - 125kg) i havent sat more comfortable in any chair... Assembled in like 15mins and i havent done anything similar in my life. 10/10! recomended to all the big (or not) boys/girls out there!
  • K
    Verified Kelly T.
    My dad loves it. He is not happy I spent such money on it but refused to return it. Lol.
  • A
    Verified Amazon buyer
    This is an extremely well made chair that offers excellent comfort. Seat height is a bit higher than I would like (about 1.5-2" higher than a standard executive chair) but it is very comfortable. Excellent lumbar support and a big cushy headrest. Very usable tilt and recline features and the seat (while firm) is comfortable for a full days' work.
  • E
    Verified Evin A.
    I am satisfied with Anda Seat Kaiser II. This name of this series already made me feel like a King. LOL. Love the comfort, love the support, love the large size neck pillow. I even took the lumber pillow with me when I am in my car.
  • J
    Verified JP
    I went to a local store and tried a number of chairs/brands and couldn't find any that topped the Anda Seat Kaiser. I am 6'5" and weigh about 230, so this was by far the most comfortable for my height/weight. What I noticed about the Anda Seat vs rivals was the detail and the sturdiness. A lot of the competition had arm rests that were wobbly, while the Anda was solid. Assembly was OK, mountain the backrest to the seat was a bit fiddly, otherwise that was good. As a BMW owner, I did like the burgandy leather that looked familiar.
  • L
    Verified Loukas from Greece馃尀
    I own the burgandy Kaizer chair and is sooo ergonomically excellent, so smooth , so perfect anatomically for my lumbar too..after hours of work and also gaming feel like i ve just sit in the chair! Prefect job, please continue like that!!
  • E
    Verified Ethan
    I had purchased this chair but received the previous version (Kaiser I) instead. After several days of working with the customer service team, I was ultimately satisfied with the product that I had received as they made the purchase correct. I imagine this is not the norm and the seat itself is superb in build quality and comfort.