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  • M
    Verified Max Lord
    I am very pleased with my purchase of Anda Seat Kaiser. It is super comfortable and feels super luxury.
  • W
    Verified Wendy
    Honestly, Kaiser doesn't really look or feel like a gaming chair to me, it is more like a $1000 office chair where you can only see people sitting on it in a tall, huge office building located somewhere downtown. The chair is just too comfortable, too high-end and too luxury. I saw Anda Seat says they don't build colorful chairs, they only build high-quality chairs. The lifetime warranty makes sense on the quality like this, but I think I will never worry about it! Totally worth my money
  • J
    Verified Joel K.
    I saw so many people posting their Kaiser chair in the past few weeks, I was wondering where did it come from. I did some reasearch online and found many positive reviews from people all over the place. I ordered one right away and got it today! It is just as good as what everyone is talking about!! I love this Kaiser chair
  • T
    Verified Thom Galloway
    Everything about this chair screams quality. The hardware and upholstery is incredible and this is by far the most solid chair I have ever owned. Now that I am working and playing from home, I am spending upwards of 60+ hours a week in this chair and it shows no signs of wear over the first 2 months of ownership. My leg and back pan has all nut disappeared as well. Anda is going to have to start paying me a percentage as 2 members of my gaming group have ordered their own chairs from them after listening to me talk about it. Definitely would purchase this again. 5/5.
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    Verified Tommy G.
    Gaming, homework, watching movies, whatever you gonna to in front of your computer, with chair like this, you will never received back pain.
  • A
    Verified allenbai
    love it, comfortable chair
  • C
    Verified Christie Caplin
    Everything that I wanted. It helps me rest my back when I want to work personal projects, game to take a break, and maybe lie down after a long day. Fantastic chair and worth it.
  • R
    Verified Robert Carlson
    My son is absolutely in love with anda seat kaiser gaming chair and I can tell from his posture getting better while siting in it. The quality time he spent in front of his computer becomes more and more.
  • H
    Verified Herbert S.
    This chair has been a great upgrade from the chair I had before. Pricy but worth. My back and neck is thankful.
  • L
    Verified LEE FOSTER
    Wonderful chair that I don’t want to get up from