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Kaiser 2 Series
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  • J
    Verified Jason Greene
    Finally a chair for me! I'm 6' 260 lbs and I have always had difficulty finding a chair. It's either not wide enough or doesn't sit back far enough. This chair does both and is very comfortable. The seat is firm yet had a little give to it. Would definitely recommend it to my big guys/gals
  • D
    Verified Denzel F.
    I love this chair not only because of the quality but also the look. Very fancy. This is the best investment I have ever made recently.
  • M
    Verified Mike Lee
    This is my first gaming chair. I wanted something that would last a long time, especially given the price of any reputable brand. I went with Anda Seat Chairs After compared with many brands. I have to say that I am not disappointed. The chair is comfortable, and seems to be quite well made. The sheet metal type screw that holds the small plastic covers to the side of the back could stand some kind of revision. I am very happy with it so far.
  • B
    Verified Benson R.
    The leather on this chair is super, feels amazing to put your hands on. Very comfortable even for long hour sitting.
  • T
    Verified Tyler Staschuk
    Everything from the financing to the delivery and set-up was a breeze. The chair itself is sturdy, comfortable and well made. I will definitely buy another for my wife when we finish remodeling her office.
  • R
    Verified Richard
    This thing screams quality and comfort. Every single part of this chair is built with the highest standard and it shows. It is so comfortable to relax in and play games in. I am coming from a Herman Miller Aeron and I had to let it go because while it was great for productivity, it sucked for gaming. This thing is great for both. The lumbar pillow doesn't attach, but that's a good thing because straps if put on wrong can ruin the leather, or just wear it out over time. Tilts to the right degree, rolls amazing, adjustable armrests are the best I've ever used, and best of all... THIS THING DOESN'T SCREAM GAMER. It looks sleek, simple, yet luxurious. I love this chair and couldn't recommend it highly enough. It is worth the investment and hope to use it for years to come.
  • M
    Verified Martin Reed
    Anda Seat Kaiser is an amazing chair for your office or home office setting. The large neck and lumber pillow really help and give a lot support while sitting in it. Extra large size is absolutely right for me.
  • M
    Verified Matthew K.
    Much like a bed, people often underestimate the need for a top quality chair. Sure, while gaming chair may be “expensive”, Anda Seat as a top-rated gaming chair should be viewed as an investment in your health, both in body and mind.
  • C
    Verified Candace McGrath
    The Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium Gaming Chair is PERFECT!!! Easy to assemble, the weight tells you it is extraordinary, and sitting in it.... Ahhhhhhh ... finally!!!! A chair I will have, use and LOVE for as long as it allows! Anda, thank you for your integrity and transparency. A customer for life.... Southern USA
  • J
    Verified Jason B.
    That’s why after 7 months on the Anda Seat Kaiser Gaming Chair, I ranked it with the #1 best gaming chairs.