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Pretty In Pink Series
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Based on 16 reviews
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  • C
    Verified Charlie T.
    Excellent chair. We bought it just because we need a pink chair but we are so surpised with how comfortable it is. We have decided to purchase the Dark Knight.
  • V
    Verified Vanessa Kim
    The Pink Anda Seat made my day. Love it.
  • M
    Verified MichaelLovins
    I got my daughter this pink Andaseat gaming chair and she loves it very much.
  • V
    Verified Vicky L.
    Got the pink chair for myself since it is the smallest one they had. It is the best chair ever. Specially made for ladys. Comfortable and stylish. Love it.
  • J
    Verified Jeremy Black
    Bought this pretty in pink chair for my girlfriend as her birthday gift. She returned with a big kiss, so I guess this is the good sign.
  • J
    Verified JJ Lao
    Enjoyed Anda Seat Pretty in Pink while making my video. Thumbs up to their team.
  • A
    Verified Amanda F.
    I love the look and feel of the new chair so much. I was able to get her into playing PC gamies with me. Thank you Anda Seat Gaming Chair.
  • L
    Verified Lenny H.
    Superb feel. Amazing color. My girl loves it so much.
  • A
    Verified Aya Natsume
    The quest for an all Pink/white gaming setup is a tough one and I have gone through 3 different chairs before arriving at the Anda Seat one. I'm very happy with my purchase, the seat itself is insanely comfortable and delightfully adorable. -Assembly was easy and straight forward. -The build felt like great quality. (Heavy chair) -Didn't tilt when sitting on the edge, like other chairs I had purchased previously. -Wheels roll smoothly. If I HAD to pick cons I would say that I wish the pink color leaned more on the pastel side (but that's not what's advertised) and if they can opted for pink/white peices to go along with the chair it would be even more stellar.
  • J
    Verified Jenny Q
    I am a Youtuber. This great pretty chair adds more fun to my channel.