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Spider Man Edition
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Based on 12 reviews
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  • A
    Verified Andy
    I'm owning gaming chair for months & I would like to express in short that your product have a very competitive pricing and good quality among other famous gaming chair that I had use previously. Now this chair was my everyday gaming chair which i spend more than 4 hour a day for gaming, movie, OT etc. after a long day work, the chair had enough support, nice contact and when i'm tired, i may just lean back and fall asleep on the chair. I shall said good work on these chair design
  • J
    Verified James N.
    This Spider-Man Edition is an incredibly constructed gaming chair with a unique look that's perfect for any Marvel fan (providing you're tall).
  • R
    Verified RAFFAELE
    Super comfortable, I can sit in it for hours and not experience any pain or discomfort. I have back issues and thats a major point in my book. Best chair ever.
  • J
    Verified Jessica
    Even after hours sitting down (playing Mansions of Madness, of course) the cushions and seat remained cloud-like and comfortable.
  • D
    Verified Derek
    So comfortable, I should have bought one sooner. With the floor mat. Big size chair with wide and flat seat base, ideal choice.
  • C
    Verified Chris
    The Chair is really well built, and incredibly sturdy. Goes together easy. I'm a big guy and still this chair is rock solid. Usually when it comes to high end gaming chairs. If you have back problems, this Chair is wonderful. The maker manufactures Race car chairs, turns out they make a great Gaming Chair too!
  • K
    Verified Karol J.
    Awesome! Big fan of marvel! Finally got it at the 50% off price.
  • C
    Verified Chandler
    This price made me do a double take when I was initially approached to review it, but after testing it out for a few weeks, I can confidently say that the chair is worth the cost if you're a Marvel super-fan and you're in the market for a top-of-the-line gaming chair.
  • D
    Verified Drissa
    Comes with the floor mat, love it very much!
  • T
    Verified Terry
    I have been using this chair for over a month. It is strongly built with a metal frame. The cushioning is firm but I appreciate that. Absolutely no squeaking noise when moving around. Large wheels assure good mobility. Keeps you in a comfortable upright position with the help of the lumbar support. Extremely satisfied with this purchase.