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    Verified Samuel G.
    Exactly What I Was Looking For I wanted a fabric chair as I love how soft they are. So glad I found the T Pro II. It is so comfortable to sit in while I work and I can't stop looking at how good it looks in my office. Very happy with the quality.
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    Verified Stalwart S.
    This is the second buy, the first one is gray for my wife and this black for me. The velvet XL size lumber pillow is very comfortable. The fabric surface is breathable and durable. Love it very much and the sales support reply prompt.
  • C
    Verified CJ
    I would recommend This chair is comfy. It is good quality. My son absolutely loves it. I would suggest the product.
  • A
    Verified Albert
    It is better than I expected, can you imagine that a fabric chair can be so high end like this one!
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    Verified Sandra Nicole
    So Comfy The chair is so comfortable. Perfect for my height and it looks so luxurious. Definitely recommend
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    Verified Peter K.
    Putting this my store is one of the best idea ever. This only issue is that..customer keep asking how much it is but we don't sell gaming chair
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    Verified Phil Brandt
    I am extremely happy with the quality of this chair! The build quality is very solid thats what I'm most happy! I had never used a pillow-type chair before and thought I wouldn't use it but that's what I have started to adopt now, (it is rather annoying pillow falling over every time you get up but oh well) if you sit in the chair with no pillows the chair has a real different feel, so its pretty neat for options. The chair overall I would describe as comfortable but aggressive. The arm rests are very hard (not in a bad way) If you like to play in the chair by springing it up and down you can do that in this chair but it takes more effort, and you using your leg muscles, or you can just lock it, it only goes to a moderate tilt tho not to far.
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    Verified Sabrina L.
    Loving This Chair. Looks so good I've become obsessed with my office. It looks so luxurious and I love how this chair adds to the feel of it. Now I don't mind spending 8 hours a day in my home office. Made the transition to working from home feel good. I was worried I wouldn't find a comfortable chair. Thanks Anda! I love it.
  • J
    Verified Julia Morrison
    Love It! I love my chair. So happy with how comfortable it is and I agree with the other reviews that it just looks so good! Happy with my purchase. Thanks Anda Seat!
  • K
    Verified Katia Dawn
    Very comfortable and durable It’s an amazing chair, and the only thing preventing me from rating it perfect is that there’s no way to secure the lumbar cushion in place. Otherwise it’s the best chair I’ve ever used.