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  • H
    Verified Howard
    I bought Tpro series with grey. It matches with my office perfectly. I spent long hours in my office, so the comforbility of the chair is so important to me. Health concern always comes first and this chair satisfacs me in most of my needs. I really like the pillows and I also like the surface matirials.
  • Z
    Verified Zach R.
    All the ways you can adjust can fit you on point. I like the pillow very much and highly recommend to anyone who wants a perfect office chair.
  • T
    Verified Tommy Lee
    amazing chair! definitely worth the price point. I live close to a DXRacer showroom and I tried out the their chairs first. I wasn't that impressed for the price point and after order this thing I'm very happy that I decided to WAIT! it's comfortable, ergonomic, and solid.
  • I
    Verified Irisia M.
    I asked myself why I didn't get this awesome chair sooner.
  • A
    Verified Aris P.
    Had a small issue with the assembly, but with their great customer service, all had been solved within a snap. Really like to sit on it and don't even want to get up. Lol
  • J
    Verified Josiah
    This is their best seller. I can tell from the review. This is their best seller and I can tell after I sit in it.
  • J
    Verified James
    First of all, this chair is VERY EASY to put together! I promised my roommate I will help him with the chair when I get off work. By the time I got home, he already assembled it! The chair is so comfortable, you just lie down on it and not to worry about falling down. Definitely five stars for the chair.
  • R
    Verified Rickey
    I love the chair but even though I did get some little rips into the chair, I contacted the support and got almost a instant reply! They hooked me up with a new chair! I would diffidently recommend this product for the gamers out there it's really comfy for long hours of sitting! :)
  • S
    Verified Samuel Z.
    This Is the most luxurious chair I ever have. It is really worth for the money I paid on it.
  • J
    Verified Joshua P.
    Opening the box you already knew about Anda Seat with their well-made gaming chair.