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So I've spent some time with this chair, as I now work from home and have had it for a while. And I have mixed feelings still. The pvc leather will run hot there's no escaping that. If you are going to get this chair do yourself a favor, and get the xl lumbar and and neck pillow they literally made a world of difference for me anyway. The good: The chair is comfy one of thee most comfy big n tall chairs I have tried to date. Only thing better I would say would be an ergonomic mesh chair but they don't make those for husky people and if they do, there into the 1k+ range. It has good support and with the XL pillows ($50 a pillow I might add from andaseats website even though literally all the youtube reviews I could find had them included but I digress) Im never hunched over or sitting "shrimp style" it is well built and very sturdy I don't have any creaks or groans or anything like that. The other big thing is even reclined I never feel like the chair is going to tip or fall on me, Even when leaning back. It looks amazing too this chair would easily be at home in a professional office setting. Now the bad I would recommend andaseat to anyone who is looking for a good comfortable office chair that isn't a chinese knock off of xyz brand. However would I recommend the kesier series, that's a tough one. Honestly last month had you asked me I would of recommended it in a heart beat. However I just found out andaseat launched the ergonomic t pro 2 series which is made out of much more breathable linen fabric vs the pvc leather of this one, since they are basically the same chair with the same weight capacity get that one if you can snag it, simply because I'm the long run the chair will breath better and be much cooler for long game/work sessions. Had I found out sooner I would have returned the kesier and gotten the t pro. While I am on the topic of coolness. If any of the people from the company read this. Please use cooling gel foam in the chair and the xl pillows. I know myself and allot of others would gladly pay $100 to $200 more for this option.

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I recommend it for those who work or spend long hours in front of a screen and have back problems. It has a size suitable for almost all users, in addition to a large number of adjustments and lumbar and neck supports to maintain a correct posture and adapt to different postures.

Whether you’re competing at the highest level or gaming casually from home, comfort is key to maximising the experience, and an ergonomic Anda Seat Fnatic Edition Premium Gaming Chair can help make it so.

The real benefit of what AndaSeat has here comes with how it’s going to make you sit properly. It might sound bizarre, but when set to its standard position, this chair ensures that your back will be aligned in a manner that is good for your spine.

This is very much a gaming chair in terms of design, but Andaseat has done a great job at making sure the build quality, comfort, and back support is there for the amount of time you'll no doubt spend sitting in it.

If you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a desk, for any reason, the extra comfort throughout the day may be well worth the price of entry.

An attractive, flexible, and comfortable gaming chair that has hefty parts for great durability.

let me tell you that this chair,without a doubt,is the most comfortable chair i’ve ever had in my office...

let me tell you that this chair,without a doubt,is the most comfortable chair i’ve ever had in my office...

let me tell you that this chair,without a doubt,is the most comfortable chair i’ve ever had in my office...