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  • Revolution of Ergonomics

    Resolved to turn your sedentary fatigue into hours and hours of comfort, AndaSeat combined the exclusive ergonomics technology with its 60kg/m³one-pieces moulded foam on the back to take the burden off your back and delivering ease over long, hard gaming sessions or working.

  • Upgraded Leatherette

    The DuraXtraAD+ Leather is a must-have for top-end AndaSeat chairs, featuring smooth touch, scratch resistance and stain resistance, much stronger to keep the shape to last. Made by chemically altering vinyl, a flexible plastic resin, DuraXtraAD+ leather is typically combined with a variety of fillers to last longer and resist to wear and tear, while presenting a sophisticate texture and shine.

    Certificated Safety and Durability

    DuraXtraAD+ Leather does not contain any harmful amounts of elements
    which is perfect for adults and kids.
    *Physical test performed by SGS for strength, resistance, stability,
    *Chemical test performed by SGS about Lead, Cadmium, DMF, Phthalates, PAHs.
  • Lock Your Comfort With Comfort Tech Reclining Back

    Recline and lock from 90 °to 160°with multifunctional SyncTiltTM backrest, and feel your chair completely adapt to you. No more hassles or struggles when you take a nap or watch your favourite shows, just enjoy strain-free ergonomic support. Sit at any angle you want, and lock the seat in your perfect position.

  • Engaging Into Luxurious Sitting Experience With Premium Lumbar and Neck Pillows

    Supports your lower back while keeping your spine in its natural alignment, our luxurious gaming chair also prevents you from slouching while gaming or working for long hours by filling in the space between your back/neck and backrest.

  • 4D Armrests offer
    personalized support

    Four dimensions-left & right, forwards & backwards, up & down, tilt, enables adjustments to exact angel you need to protect your carpal tunnel. The PU covered surface provides firm supports to your elbows.

  • 60mm PU covered wheel

    The wheels enable for effortless movement without scuffing up all surfaces.

    PU covered wheels were designed to remain still and provide the stability you need when gaming with the feeling of sturdy and smooth.

TitanSteelTM Framework

The rugged, powder-coated steel frame is integrated and cut with no bent, which ensures a lifetime of stability and sturdiness. Precisely manufactured with 22mm diameter steel with 2mm thickness, one of the best choices for an esport chair frame.

Re-DenseTM Mould Foam

A perfect combination of strength and resilience. Re-Dens tech is applied to upgrade density, enhancing longevity and alleviating the problems of 'sagging' seats over time.

BIFMA-Certified Class 4 Gas Lift

The seamless seat height adjustment equipped by our BIFMA-certified heavy-duty class 4 gas lift makes it easy to safely adjust this gaming chair for people of any physique.

BIFMA-Certified Base & Wheels

AndaSeat heavy - duty Aluminum base was designed and built to ensure impressive stability and durability.