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T- Compact
For Game , For Work
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Why Design T - Compact?

We know you never like to “ sit in line ”
So we remove the superfluous,
And remains only the natural

We want it to be
Not only cozy to sit
Also comfy to nap, rock, cross your legs
Or whatever styles you invented
To release your stress and pressure
To end toiling and moiling

For we want you to own
A seat that feels like home

  • EverSoftAD+ Linen Fabric Upholstery

    Stands the Test Of Time - Linen’s durability is legendary. It is the strongest of the plant fibers, and its thickness makes it extremely sturdy to be woven into upholstery.

    Easy Care - Vacuuming at least once a month to remove surface dirt will help it last even longer

    Certificated Safety and Durability - Physical test performed by SGS for strength, resistance, stability,Chemical test performed by SGS about Lead, Cadmium, DMF, Phthalates, PAHs.

  • Revolution of Ergonomics - UniqueAD+ Design

    Resolved to turn your sedentary fatigue into hours and hours of comfort, AndaSeat combined the latest tech on ergonomics with accumulated expertise in this industry, and built our very own specialized laboratories to run multiple tests, after over a decade of research and efforts, AD+ Design was invented, which stirs the soul by taking gaming to the next level by improving posture, taking the burden of your back and delivering ease over long, hard gaming sessions or working.

  • Re-DenseAD+ Moulded Foam

    A perfect combination of strength and resilience. Re-DensAD+ tech is applied to upgrade density, enhancing longevity and alleviating the problems of 'sagging' seats over time. Produced without the application of heat, with a skin that reduces air escaping and maintains a permanent shape, the foam is molded to hold the shape for its entire life.

    *Physical test performed by SGS for strength, resistance, stability,
    *Chemical test performed by SGS about Lead, Cadmium, DMF, Phthalates, PAHs.
  • Lock or Rock with SyncTiltAD+ Reclining back

    Recline from 90 °to160°with multifunctional SyncTiltAD+backrest, and feel your chair completely adapt to you. No more hassles or struggles when you take a nap or watch your favourite shows, just enjoy strain-free ergonomic support. Sit at any angle you want, and lock the seat in your perfect position.

  • Luxurious Lumbar Pillow & Head Pillow

    Gently take the burden off your neck and lower back muscles, adjust to your favorite posture with ergonomic design, giving you the personalized support. Also prevent you from slouching while gaming or working for long hours by filling in the space between your back/neck and backrest.

  • 4-Dimensional Armrests

    Any user can find their perfect position with four dimensions adjustment—forward & backward, up & down, left & right, and angled inward & outward. Gently support for your elbows and forearms with ergonomic comfort. Coated with soft PU rubber, nice to touch and luxurious to look at.

  • Smooth & Quiet 60mm Casters

    Its internal bracket is made of military grade steel, providing superior toughness and durability, the STRONGEST casters ever. Roll like you've never felt so smooth ever before, just focus on your game, and glide away whenever you feel like it.

    *Physical test performed by SGS for strength, resistance, stability,
    *Chemical test performed by SGS about Lead, Cadmium, DMF, Phthalates, PAHs.
TitanSteelAD+ Framework

The XL size TitanSteelAD+ Framework is made of 100% steel, bent with no cut which enables the truly lasting lifetime use. Precisely manufactured high quality 22mm diameter steel frame is covered with a lifetime warranty. Only the best 2mm thick seamless steel is produced to ensure your chair will last the course of time.

Oc-TopsAD+ Aluminum Base

Oc-TopsAD+ Aluminum base has been designed and built to provide impressive stableness and durability,