AndaSeat Empowers Sustainable Gaming with Kaiser 4

AndaSeat Empowers Sustainable Gaming with Kaiser 4

May 8, 2024
kaiser 4 lumbar support system

Kaiser 4 features all-new sustainable leather, 4-level pop-out lumbar, magnetic head pillow, 5D armrests, and more.

Sustainability comes in many forms. As "sustainable gaming" picks up the trend in the industry, AndaSeat advances its commitment to the idea with the latest flagship gaming chair Kaiser 4.

By material, design, and beyond, Kaiser 4 is built with sustainability in mind to deliver an environmentally friendly experience in the long run.

Sustainable Leather

Kaiser 4 gaming chair comes in leather and linen upholstery versions. Linen fabric provides incredible breathability, and the exclusively developed leather makes it stand out with more environmentally-critical characteristics.

1. Responsibly Sourced

In developing Kaiser 4's leather material, the AndaSeat engineering team spent up to 180 days experimenting with different leather types, until they discovered the solvent-free leather — ArteDiPelle.

Adhering to rigorous OEKO-TEX and RoHS standards, it is tested for harmful substances and produced in certified manufacturing facilities to guarantee safety for users and the planet. Its safety level reaches that of baby products, making it extremely skin-friendly.

solvent free leather

2. Exceptional Cleanliness

Thanks to the way the leather is formulated and produced, it is effortless to clean.

Unlike regular PVC material, it contains a protective layer to keep stains from sinking in. In AndaSeat's stain resistance test with burger grease, fries crumbs, and milk spills, the chair's surface can be cleaned off immediately using a wet wipe, without leaving any mark.

kaiser 4 gaming chair cleanability

Eating or drinking while gaming for a quick performance boost becomes a worry-free experience on Kaiser 4. Its easy cleanability contributes to keeping the gaming space clean, comfortable, and battle-ready.

3. Made to Last

One of the FAQs leather products often face is: how long does it sustain? Kaiser 4 has an obvious answer to that question.

  • Abrasion resistance

  • The leather passed the 2000-cycle 1kg Taber abrasion test and scored 100000 in the Martindale rub test. Exceptionally strong for all types of heavy uses.

  • Ability to hold colors

  • The leather's stunning colors stay intact in exposure to ≥4 UVB light, consistent wiping and cleaning, and day-to-day sitting, maintaining a sleek chair surface free of wear and tear.

With that level of durability and strength of the leather, Kaiser 4 eliminates the need for frequent chair replacements, contributing to waste reduction over time.

Sustainable Design

1. Integrated Lumbar System

Integrating the lumbar system with the chair makes lumbar support instantly accessible, and in the long run, eliminates the necessity for separate lumbar purchases, helping save money and resources.

Its two main features offer versatile adjustment:

  • 4-level Pop-out Support

  • It pops out with up to 24° support for gaming, working, lounging, or napping at four different levels. It freely responds to any movement when unlocked and provides solid support when locked.

  • 4-way Built-in Adjustment

  • The 76mm up-down and 30mm in-out adjustment empowers more nuanced fine-tuning of back support for natural spine curvature.

 support for four different levels

2. Magnetic Head Pillow

Most of the time, gaming chair head pillows come with straps, and they could break or get loose after frequent adjustment, causing malfunctioning and waste.

With a strap-free magnetic head pillow, Kaiser 4 frees users from this issue. It attaches to the chair's neck position with a snap, and the chair backrest's 20cm up-down attachment range allows it to move freely, offering optimal neck support for bodies of different heights.

kaiser 4 magnetic head pillow

Beyond Sustainability

Like championing a sustainable approach, Kaiser 4 also pioneers advanced ergonomics, presenting the best ergonomic chair.

The 5D armrests offer 40° upward folding, 70° inward-outward rotation, and 3.15″ up-down, 1.18″ in-out, or 0.78″ front-back sliding.

With the upward folding feature, Kaiser 4 allows users to flip up the armrests for console or mobile gaming and enjoy a fatigue-free experience for extended periods.

kaiser 4 5d armrests

And the seat base is supported by an SGS Class 4 gas piston for a 6.5cm smooth height adjustment. And the backrest can be reclined to 135° while offering a 15° rocking mode.