AndaSeat Ambassador Program

Lead the Game, Lead the Change

In an era where innovation intersects with the gaming community's passion, AndaSeat Ambassador Program is poised to revolutionize the way gamers experience comfort and technology. This initiative seeks to empower influential voices within the gaming and social media landscapes to become the first to experience and share their insights on our groundbreaking gaming products.

Through this program, we aim to build a bridge between cutting-edge design and the real-world needs of gamers, ensuring our new product not only meets but exceeds community expectations.
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Exclusive Benefits for AndaSeat Ambassador

1. Product Giveaways

Receive free new gaming chairs and desks.

2. Exclusive Discounts

Get exclusive discount codes for your community.

3. Sneak Peek of New Products

Gain priority access to try any new products released by AndaSeat in the future.

4. Be a Part of AndaSeat

Enjoy special exposure opportunities on social media, highlighting your role as an Ambassador and sharing your insights with a broader audience.

How to Enter


To apply for the AndaSeat Ambassador Program, interested individuals are required to fill out the application form with their personal information.


Our team will then meticulously review the submitted information to ensure that applicants meet the specified criteria.


Upon approval, we will directly contact the selected applicants by emails to proceed with further feedback collection and communication.

Application Criteria for the Ambassador Program

Social Media Following

Applicants must have a following of over 1 Million on all soicial media platforms. This ensures that our ambassadors have a broad reach and can effectively showcase our product to a diverse audience.

Gaming and Esports Achievement or Influence

For individuals specifically from the gaming and esports sectors, such as professionals, esports athletes, or influencers with significant contributions to these fields, a minimum of 200,000 followers on their social media platforms is required.

This criterion is designed to integrate individuals who not only have a substantial following but also possess a deep understanding and influence within the gaming community, ensuring that our product receives insightful and impactful exposure.

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