AndaSeat Launched T-Pro 2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

AndaSeat Launched T-Pro 2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

May 28, 2021

The king-size chair has a 4D armrest and is equipped with large lumbar support for the ultimate comfort.

t-pro 2 ergonomic gaming chair

View a video of the T-Pro 2 gaming chair here

Overview of AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

LONDON, 10th FEBRUARY 2021, Previously manufactured race car seats and partnered with prestigious brands in the sports and Esports field, AndaSeat is now a professional seating specialist, and announces the availability of our T-Pro 2 series premium king size gaming chair with lumbar support and 4D armrests today. The T-Pro 2 gaming chair is available in Black, Blue & Black and Grey & Black from Amazon UK , .

The AndaSeat T-Pro 2 gaming chair is super king size and able to hold a maximum height load of 210cm and a weight load of more than 441lbs. Featuring a high-back ergonomic design, it is made from luxurious linen fabric to make for a premium gaming chair. Padded with 60Kg/M3 density foam padding, the high-density mould shaping materials are integrated with no cut, 100,000 times press and rebound to provide true ergonomic support and ultimate comfort for long gaming sessions. This material can provide years' use without losing its shape. Also featuring a Z Support multi-functional tilt mechanism from 90 to 160-degrees, it allows full control over the suspension of the chair and can be adjusted for increasing and decreasing tension by matching the body weight of the user for an effortless, secure and sturdy rocking without any muscle fatigue. AndaSeat are so confident in the quality of its chair that it offers a 2-year warranty on all functionality parts of the chair (excludes aesthetic defects & misuse of the chair)

Using the ergonomically designed neck pillow and lumbar support cushion, the chair also helps gamers to sit straight and maintain the correct posture throughout which can aid both the focus on the work or games but also maintain health. The T-Pro 2 includes 4D highly adjustable armrests that are covered by PU to help aid in the support of the forearms in order to release pressure on the wrist and reduce muscle strain whilst maximizing the gaming experience.

In addition, the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 has a premium grade aluminium base that increases the stability and strength of the chair and is capable of holding a static load of 1500kg and a dynamic load of 600kg. The wider wheels are covered with durable PU rubber to ensure that movement is silent and smooth in all directions and on all surfaces. The chairs framework uses 22mm diameter enhanced steel frame with an ergonomic design to contour the human body. The premium construction of the framework is extremely durable with a lifetime warranty and it also features Class 4 gas lift that are the best in class in terms of consistency (99.9%) and made from 100% nitrogen which improve stability and safety more and has EU standard SGS certification.

1. Natural Bamboo Charcoal Seat Mat

Providing even more comfort, AndaSeat's 100% natural bamboo charcoal seat mat is non-toxic and eco-friendly and available for just $59.99 on the . A 45.7cm x 45.7cm size, it is designed with anti-skid texture on the back and effectively absorbs sulfides, hydrides, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals in the air and also can absorb odors and humidity whilst deodorizing. It is wear-resistant and easy to clean so perfect for gamers, office workers and for use for long periods of time.

2.AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest

AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest is an optional extra available from our website for $149.99. It boasts an extra-large size with 53cm width, 50cm length and adjustable height from 43.5cm – 53.5cm and can hold a load of up to 150kg/330lbs. Made from a PVC leather cover and filled with AD+ Mould Foam, it provides ultra-comfort whilst gaming. It is also made from a heavy-duty aluminium base and Class 4 gas lift.