AndaSeat Announces Partnership with Excel Esports

AndaSeat Announces Partnership with Excel Esports

May 31, 2021
andaseat with excel esports

Part 1. AndaSeat Announces Partnership with Excel Esports

What sparks will occur when "the best for the best" meets "the power of better"? This month AndaSeat are thrilled to forge partnership with British competitive gaming culture brand EXCEL ESPORTS . EXCEL team members will be outfitted with ergonomically designed AndaSeat gaming chairs as well as computer desks - the EXCEL Edition, which keep them playing at the top of their game for long period of sheer comfort.

Part 2.About Excel Esports

EXCEL ESPORTS is the boldest British esports organisation with a global presence. In homage to this remarkable team, AndaSeat has launched the Excel Edition. Upgraded with specialized ergonomic design and top - end materials, this new series aims for a healthier gaming style for esporters across the world.

Patrick Collins, Head of Partnerships at EXCEL ESPORTS comments:"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with AndaSeat. At EXCEL ESPORTS we are always looking to work with forward-thinking partners that are innovating tech within the competitive gaming space."

"The AndaSeat team have dedicated over a decade of research and development into designing the perfect gaming chair , using their impressive AD+ Design technology to ensure gamers health and performance is the top priority. This level of passion and commitment is something that we at EXCEL really resonate with, as we are constantly striving for the 'Power of Better'."

"AndaSeat look forward to make our contributions to the future of Esport with EXCEL - one of the most competitive esports organizations," adds Zhou Lin, CEO & Founder of AndaSeat, "AndaSeat resolves to change the status quo in ergonomics of chairs, just as EXCEL aims to change the status quo in the world of esports. Gamers can take on the best and become the best, without sacrificing any comfort, and style."

Part 3. AndaSeat Gmaing Chair

andaseat dark demon series

The looks of the EXCEL Edition are kept as a secret for now, but the information that can be leaked out is that the chair model is based on the AndaSeat Dark Demon series As shown above.

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Part 4. AndaSeat Gaming Desk

andaseat game desk

Toughened up with cold rolled carbon steel framework, and finely processed with laminated carbon fiber texture, the exclusive 47'' EXCEL Computer desk is skid - proof, wear - resistant and incredibly solid. There's also plenty of space for your gaming monitors, console, keyboard, and other gaming gear, and a multifunctional cable box, cup holder and headphone holder to make things easier. If you love things to go Cyber Punk, just turn on its multicolored LED Ambient Light.

The desk model is based on the AndaSeat Mask 2 series . As shown above.

The Mask 2 gaming desk is available from AndaSeat Official website, Get 10% Discount off now. (Valid to 5th June)

Code: EXCEL-US available on Andaseat US website here .

Code: EXCEL-UK available on Andaseat UK website here .

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The ultimate mission of gaming chairs is to bring you comfort in battles, which is just what AndaSeat expert in - the AD+ Design focuses on human fit, and its very purpose is to decrease fatigue and increase comfort through professional design and manufacturing.

From user's working and resting postures, motions, to space between human bodies and parts of the chair, all taken into consider to ensure a more productive sedentary style with less stress. AndaSeat's Re-DenseAD+ Moulded Foam is of high-density( 60kg/m³ density) and unibody design, making sure it won't collapse after long-term sitting, which can maintain a good sitting posture for a long time, giving appropriate and correct lumbar support.

To further enhance the spine support, a lumbar pillow which is made of memory foam and an H-shape head pillow is provided. User can adjust its position freely, while the memory foam contours to the shape of spine accordingly, helping the spine maintain an S-shaped curve similar to the spine's shape.

There are many reasons why it pops up in gaming chairs. The EXCEL Edition has 4D armrests - there are four ways to adjust their position with the buttons and levers - forward & backward, up & down, left & right, and angled inward & outward, allowing free control for comfort. You can pull closer to the seat back and angle to point slightly inwards, outwards or dead centre - any user can find their perfect position.

Besides, the backrest conforms to the contour of the person's spine and alleviate stress on back muscles. The barrel design of our backrest provides a sense of wrapping and stronger support, which is also wide enough to support the waist breadth, and have a lumbar support to maintain the natural lordotic curvature of the lumbar spine.

No one wants a 90-90-90 degree placement for the elbow, hip, and knee joints forever. Sometimes people feel like a variation in this placement, as long as it does not lead to slouching or hunching over. The AndaSeat's SyncTiltAD+ Reclining Back tilts from 90 °to 160 °, ensuring the torso-to-thigh angle is not less than 90 °. You can sit still when you focus on gaming, and lie down for a nap anytime you want.

Part 5. About AndaSeat

AndaSeat started off manufacturing racing car seats in 2007, providing professional seats for sports competitions, such as racing, football, volleyball, etc. In 2013, AndaSeat shifted towards gaming chairs, offering OEM solution for the manufacturing of many Tier 1 gaming chair brands. And in 2016, AndaSeat is officially an Esport brand and launched its very own Esport chair. Combining the expertise accumulated in racing seats and gaming chairs, and our OEM advantage, AndaSeat now resolves to build the most comfortable gaming chair with the most reasonable price in the world.

AndaSeat has now become a world - leading Esport chair brand, favored by players and video games industry professionals in over 30 countries, and also the top choice for many Esports team such as Chief, Fnatic, LGD, AHQ Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five, etc.