AndaSeat Announces Partnership with JD Gaming

AndaSeat Announces Partnership with JD Gaming

June 7, 2023

The partnership will see AndaSeat AndaSeat will boost the fight for JD Gaming in S11 by supplying the team with world-leading ergonomic chairs.

On May 28th, AndaSeat signed a strategic partnership with Chinese competitive Esport organization JD Gaming. The partnership will see AndaSeat become the Official Gaming Chair Supplier for JD Gaming. As part of the partnership, AndaSeat and JD Gaming will be developing a co-branded JDG Gaming chair.

Part 1. AndaSeat Announces Partnership with JD Gaming

JD Gaming, also known as Jingdong Gaming, is a professional Chinese Esports organization with two League of Legends teams , and the champions in 2018NEST and 2020 LPL Spring. To better JD Gaming's performance strategy and players' health, AndaSeat decided to equip JDG with our professional ergonomic technology - AD+ Design. With the never - to - deform Re-DenseAD+ Moulded Foam, SyncTiltAD+ Reclining Back that tilts from 90° to 160°, and the TitanSteelAD+ Framework that contour to human body precisely, AndaSeat enhances players' health to a revolutionary level.

with jd gaming

Part 2. AndaSeat and JD CO-branded JDG Gaming Chair

"AndaSeat are excited to serve with JDG teams and - one of the most popular Esports organizations in China," adds Zhou Lin, CEO & Founder of AndaSeat, "As for AndaSeat, customer experience is always the top priority, and we hope that JDG triumph its way to the top of Esport world along with the best chair."

Co-designed with JD Gaming, professionalized with AndaSeat AD+ Design for top ergonomic comfort, AndaSeat customized the JDG co-branded chair.

Founded from a strong passion for Esport and race car seats, aware that many gamers are suffering from plain chairs with high price, AndaSeat found its honorable mission - to build high quality chairs with a reasonable price. Further inspired by the newest tech on ergonomics, AndaSeat have built our very own laboratories to run tests and research to develop just the gaming chairs, to enhance customers' health, and make every penny deserve its value. This has resulted in taking gaming to the next level by improving users' posture, taking the burden off their back and delivering ease for long sedentary hours.

Through thorough research, AndaSeat found out that the most players consider lumbar support as the most important function of a gaming chair. Therefore, for every high - end AndaSeat chair, a lumbar pillow(made of premium memory foam) and an H-shape head pillow, both adjustable, are provided to further enhance users' spine and lumbar health.

Part 3. About AndaSeat Gaming Chair

After started in 2007 as a producer of race car seats for car enthusiasts, AndaSeat then transitioned to gaming chairs in 2016. This legacy is evident in the high - end chairs from Anda Seat, such as the Kaiser, which looks like a chair plucked right out of a luxurious Mercedes coupe. In 2013, the company began to produce OEM parts for other Esport chair companies. In 2016, AndaSeat launched its Esport brand.

By offering high-end gaming chairs with competitive price, specialized ergonomic designs, spacious dimensions, and modern looks, AndaSeat now prevails in the United States, Europe, the UK, and Australia, and also the top choice for many esports teams such as Natus Vincere(NAVI), EXCEL ESPORT, Chief, Fnatic, LGD, AHQ Esports, etc.

Part 4. AndaSeat Warranty

All AndaSeat gaming chairs come with a lifetime warranty on its frame. Parts come with two years of warranty protection.

But you can extend your warranty to SIX YEARS by our Anda Care program!

Extend your warranty when you buy an AndaSeat chair through Here

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