AndaSeat Phantom 3 Gaming Chair Review


Bottom line: The Phantom 3 not only offers great support and comfort, but it looks great too. It's an ideal chair for anyone that fits within the recommended height and weight. 

Very comfortable
Back pillow isn't the best
Made with quality materials
Static weight load is 220 pounds
Removable pillows
Decently priced

1. AndaSeat Phantom 3 Gaming Chair: Price and Availability

I've been testing gaming chairs for a while now and I have to say that I am extra impressed with the latest AndaSeat offering. The Phantom 3 offers a great shape and size to help me sit up straight while still making me feel comfortable. It's not only comfortable, but it looks good too. I chose to go with the black and gold PVC leather one, but there are other options and even linen fabric choices if that's more your style.

One of the only downsides is that it has a recommended max loading weight of 200, which might not be a good fit for all those who are interested in it.

2. AndaSeat Phantom 3 Gaming Chair: What's Good

The Phantom 3 has an MSRP of $349.99 and is available on AndaSeat's website. This particular model can be purchased in premium PVC leather with color options being black, pink, white, or the special Six Invitational 2022 Edition. Alternatively, you can go the linen fabric route which comes in black or gray. These are all considered to be Large size gaming chairs.

As with most gaming chairs, the AndaSeat Phantom 3 weighs a considerably amount and comes in a large box, so I needed help bringing it into my house. Assembly went very smoothly and only took about 30 to 45 minutes. All of the tools I needed to put the chair together were included in the box, along with a very handy illustrated manual that made everything clear. Additionally, this was the first AndaSeat chair I've ever put together that already had the armrests in place, which made setup go faster.

AndaSeat Phantom 3 gaming chair
PVC Leather or Linen Fabric

5 feet 9 inches

Max Loading Weight Rocking    
198 lbs

Max Loading Weight Static    
220 lbs

Removable pillows    
Adjustable armrests    

Once assembled, it can recline back very far to the point that I believe I could comfortably take a nap if I wanted to. The armrests adjust up and down and the chair also extends upward or goes downward with the use of the lever located under the cushion. That way, you can get the chair in just the right position to serve your needs.

According to a Healthline article from 2019, the average American man that is 20 years old and up weighs 197.9 pounds with the average height being 5 feet 9 inches tall. That being the case, this chair is on the verge for many adult men and would likely be better suited to women and teens. I myself am five-foot-six-inches tall and find this chair to be just perfect for me. However, me husband who is six foot five inches doesn't fit so comfortably.

The Phantom 3 has a few slight differences from other AndaSeat gaming chairs, but these work together to make a very comfortable seat indeed. For one thing, the head pillow is incredibly soft and gives way to pressure, so I don't mind it being attached to the chair. I tend to be a restless sitter, so it's important for me that I can stretch and adjust my legs. The Phantom 3's seat cushion is flatter than other AndaSeat chairs so I'm not as limited with where my legs can go.

3. AndaSeat Phantom 3 Gaming Chair: What's not Good

Many gaming chairs have some kind of side casing that cover unseemly but necessary screws to keep the chair looking nicer. Instead of requiring you to screw anything, the Phantom 3 has side casings with magnets on them that hold onto the screws on either side of the chair. I'm a little torn about how I feel about this. Assembly-wise, this made the process go a lot faster since I just had to slip them in place. However, I've already had a time or two where I attempted to move the chair to a new location and had the casing pop off in my hand. That being said, if you don't really touch these plastic coverings, you won't have a problem with them.

On another note, the back pillow that comes with the Phantom 3 wasn't my favorite. I was hoping it would be more in line with the AndaSeat Fnatic's back pillow which feels perfectly molded to my body. However, the Phantom 3's back pillow protrudes a little too much into my back, so I don't like using it. Fortunately, both the neck and back pillows can be removed quite easily and the chair feels comfortable without them there.

4. AndaSeat Phantom 3 Gaming Chair: Competition

My absolute favorite gaming chair is the AndaSeat Fnatic. It is covered in soft PVC leather, has a beautiful black and orange color scheme, and has the best back pillow I've ever used. The sturdy structure and back pillow work together to keep me sitting straight while still being comfortable. Plus, it can hold up to 441 pounds, so it's got most people covered.

5. AndaSeat Phantom 3 Gaming Chair: Should You Buy It?

You should buy this if ...

  • You want a comfortable and reliable chair
  • You're looking for something that will make you sit straight
  • You want something that's easy enough to assemble

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You are extra tall or large
  • You want a more economic option
  • You don't want to assemble the chair yourself

I love the way this chair encourages me to sit up straight while still making me feel comfortable. The black and gold design puts me in mind of a sleek black cat and can fit nicely into any home or office. Plus, there are other color options available including linen fabric designs if that suits you better. PVC leather is easier to clean, but linen fabric doesn't fluxuate temperatures as severly with weather changes.

As with any gaming chair, make sure that you fit within the ideal height and weight range if you want to have a comfortable experience. Since the Phantom 3 only has a max static weight of 220 pounds, it might not fit everyone who is interested in it.