How to Setup a Gaming Chair

How to Setup a Gaming Chair

June 9, 2023
AndaSeat gaming chair

If you're looking to create a comfortable and ergonomic gaming experience, setting up a gaming chair is essential. A AndaSeat gaming chair is a popular choice among gamers due to its adjustable features and sturdy build. To set up your gaming chair, start by unboxing and assembling it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Next, adjust the seat height, armrests, backrest angle, and lumbar support to your desired comfort level. Ensure that the chair is properly positioned in front of your gaming setup, with enough space for movement and adjustment. By following these steps, you can create an ideal gaming environment that promotes good posture and enhances your overall gaming experience with your AndaSeat gaming chair.

Part 1. Do Gaming Chairs Have to Be Assembled?

Most gaming chairs typically require some level of assembly before they can be used. The level of assembly required can vary depending on the specific model of the gaming chair you purchase.

Some gaming chairs may only require a few basic assembly steps, such as attaching the base and wheels to the seat. Other chairs may require more complex assembly, such as attaching armrests, headrests, and lumbar support cushions.

Assembly instructions are usually included with the chair and should be followed carefully to ensure proper assembly and safe use of the chair. If you are not comfortable with assembling the chair yourself, it may be best to seek assistance from a friend or a professional furniture assembly service.

Part 2. What to Do Before Setting up a Gaming Chair

Purchase a Gaming Chair

Before setting up gaming chair, you'll need to acquire one. Conduct thorough research and visit our gaming chairs to find one that meets your needs. Investing our Kaiser 3 ergonomic chair may be worthwhile as it will likely last longer.

Select a Chair That Fits Your Needs

Choose a chair that suits your specific gaming requirements. If you primarily play console games, an adjustable recliner could be ideal. On the other hand, if you prefer PC games, look for a chair that can accommodate various postures.

Determine Your Gaming Space's Dimensions

Be sure to measure the dimensions of your gaming space to ensure that the chair fits comfortably. You don't want the chair to bump into other furniture or walls, which could cause damage.

Obtain Necessary Tools

Some gaming chair models may require tools such as a screwdriver or Allen wrench. These tools are typically included in the package, but they can also be purchased separately at a hardware store.

Locate the Screws Provided with the Chair

Locate the screws that came with your gaming chair and keep them in a safe place. These screws are usually marked as "M" for metric or "A" for imperial and will be required during assembly.

Check the Chair's Height from the Ground

Examine the height of the chair from the ground. The chair should be approximately one to two inches off the ground to prevent any damage or scratches to your setup.

Read the Instructions Thoroughly

Before assembling your gaming chair, read the instructions carefully. The instructions may contain helpful tips and tricks that can make the assembly process more manageable.

Part 3. The Steps to Setting Up Gaming Chair Properly

If you're prepared to learn the process of putting together a gaming chair, then this is the perfect guide for you. We'll go through each step together, starting from unboxing and identifying parts, and adding the final touches. Our goal is to ensure that your gaming chair is correctly set up to maximize its performance. So let's begin this journey of assembling your Kaiser 3 gaming chair together.


Carefully remove the chair from its packaging, making sure to remove any plastic or protective coverings. With a variety of components to assemble for the perfect setup, unboxing your gaming chair will be reminiscent of the excitement of opening presents on the holiday. Depending on the model you've chosen, you may receive helpful tools such as screws or Allen keys, along with instructions outlining the assembly process in a few simple steps. It's important to keep these instructions close by for reference.


2.Assemble the chair base

Take the chair base and attach the wheels to the bottom of the base. Most AndaSeat chairs come with pre-installed wheels, so this step might not be necessary.

assemble the chair

3.Attach the gas lift

Insert the gas lift into the center of the chair base, making sure it clicks into place. This will allow you to adjust the height of the chair.

4.Attach the chair seat

Take the chair seat and align it with the gas lift. Push down on the seat until it clicks into place.

5.Attach the backrest

Attach the backrest to the seat by lining up the brackets on the backrest with the holes on the seat. Push the backrest down until it clicks into place.

6.Install the armrests

Install the 4D armrests by sliding them into the brackets on the seat. To install magnetic swap armrests, simply locate the magnetic mounting points on your chair or desk and attach the armrests to them. The armrests will stay securely in place thanks to the strong magnets, which also make it easy to remove them when not needed.

7.Adjust the chair

Adjust the chair height by pulling up on the lever located underneath the seat. Adjust the armrests by using the buttons or levers on the armrests themselves. You may also adjust the angle of the backrest by using the lever located on the side of the chair.

8.Check installation video

View our installation video or click here to check our gaming chair assemble guide.

Part 4. Safety Tips to Setting Up a Gaming Chair

● Before setting up your chair, ensure that your helper is aware of the potential risks of electric shock.
● Be mindful of cords and keep them away from any obstructions while swinging to prevent entanglement, which can be very uncomfortable.
● If your chair has a USB, avoid plugging it into multiple devices simultaneously, as it can damage your PC or TV.
● When dealing with electrical appliances, avoid bringing liquids near the chair as it could result in a short circuit.
● Be careful with kids and pets around you to prevent tripping on cords or devices plugged into power outlets, which can be hazardous.
● Avoid using extension cords and plug directly into a wall outlet.
● Be aware of your surroundings and choose a safe location to set up your chair, as obstacles could hinder your ability to swivel or move quickly.
● Ensure that you do not sit at an angle that makes it difficult for your feet to touch the floor, as it can cause you to fall.
● Avoid having anything blocking your view while setting up the chair to avoid hindrances while sitting.
● Never sit on your chair while it is plugged in, as it could be dangerous.
● Check that there are no cords dangling from the armrests to prevent catching or pulling while sitting.
● Do not let anyone taller than six feet use your chair, as the angles may be too uncomfortable for them to sit comfortably.

Part 5. FAQs

—What size of gaming chair should I get?

The size of the gaming chair you should get depends on your body size and the level of comfort you want. The ideal size of a gaming chair for you should allow you to sit with your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. You should also be able to rest your arms comfortably on the armrests.

If you are tall or have a large body, you may want to consider a gaming chair with a higher backrest and a wider seat. On the other hand, if you are shorter or have a smaller body, a gaming chair with a lower backrest and a narrower seat may be more suitable.

It's also important to consider the weight capacity of the gaming chair. Make sure that the chair can support your weight without causing any discomfort or instability.

Ultimately, the best way to determine the right size of a gaming chair for you is to try out different models and sizes before making a purchase.

—Do I need a footrest for my gaming chair?

Whether or not you need a footrest for your gaming chair largely depends on your personal preference and the type of activities you engage in while sitting in your chair.

If you tend to sit for long periods of time while gaming or working at your desk, a footrest can provide a comfortable place to rest your feet and help improve your posture. This can reduce strain on your lower back and legs, which can help prevent discomfort and fatigue.

Additionally, if your chair is not adjustable or does not have a built-in footrest, a separate footrest can be a useful addition to your setup.

However, if you are comfortable without a footrest or do not sit for extended periods of time, it may not be necessary for you.

Ultimately, it is up to you to determine whether a footrest would improve your comfort and support while using your gaming chair.

—What gaming chair is the best for me?

Choosing the best gaming chair for you depends on several factors such as your budget, preferences, and specific needs. It implies that the individual is looking for a comfortable and ergonomically designed chair that can enhance their gaming experience. The answer would depend on various factors such as the individual's body type, gaming setup, and personal preferences.

The popular gaming chair brands AndaSeat. It's always a good idea to read reviews and do research before making a purchase to ensure you're getting the best gaming chair for your needs.