AndaSeat Officially Becomes The Designated Gaming Chair for The WBG

AndaSeat Officially Becomes The Designated Gaming Chair for The WBG

June 3, 2023

On April 3, 2023, AndaSeat successfully signed a "Galaxy Battleship" --- Officially became the designated gaming chair of choice for WBG (FAWAUDIWeiboGaming)! Both sides join forces to compete to the peak, play together at the 2023 LPL and continue to write a chapter of glory!

wbg gaming chair

Who is WBG?

WBG, which is also called FAWAUDI Weibo Gaming, officially joined the LPL in November 2021 as a new project of Weibo Group. In 2020, the team made it to the S10 Global Finals as the third seed of the LPL and won the second place as a new brave dark horse. In 2023, WBG will start again with a new look, continue to climb towards the peak and write a new legend with the spirit of "born to win".

As a popular league of LPL, WBG includes a number of star players. Led by the popular top player THESHY, its huge influence speaks for itself.

wbg lineup

In 2023, the brand new WBG can be called the strongest lineup in history both in strength and popularity! On the field, the whole WBG team interprets the "born to win" spirit with their actions. With the beginning of the playoffs, AndaSeat and WBG will join hands to hack a way through difficulties to lock up a spot in the world tournament eventually.

number of star players

Sit in a good seat to keep in a good shape! In this cooperation, AndaSeat specially tailors the AndaSeat x WBG co-branded gaming chair for WBG according to the needs of professional players, with the goals to help players maintain good condition and create good results on the field.

number of star players

About AndaSeat

AndaSeat, as a brand of Dalang Group, is currently registered and operated in 54 countries around the world. Based on the ergonomic design, AndaSeat serves all kinds of competitive sports, only to provide players with a more comfortable and healthy gaming experience. As a high-end gaming chair brand, AndaSeat continues to strengthen the brand power of its products through events, and has now become the designated partner of more than 30 professional teams and the official sponsor of many domestic soccer clubs, providing chairs for home games and boosting the development of China sports.

Born to win, AndaSeat walks with the brave! In the future, AndaSeat and WBG will make joint efforts to create glory together!