AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Ultimate Magnetic Gaming Chair Review

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Ultimate Magnetic Gaming Chair Review

March 8, 2022
andaseat kaiser 3 gaming chair

AndaSeat, renowned manufacturer of race car seats and partner of prestigious brands in the sports and Esports field, announces the availability of its Kaiser 3 ultimate magnetic gaming chair . Kaiser 3 is available in 9 color options, 2 material options (PVC Leather, Linen Fabric), and 2 size options (L, XL).

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Ultimate Magnetic Gaming Chair

The Kaiser 3 series is a unique offering with its magnetic and ergonomic features, including a magnetic head pillow, MagSwap arms, MagClap assembling.The magnetic design of its memory foam pillow is a much better offering than the common straps in gaming chairs for a strap-free pillow that attaches to the seat magnetically. This way, you can adjust it to your preferred position effortlessly. The pillow is also very soft, maintaining a cool temperature while supporting the spine's natural curvature.

Its MagSwap armrests allow 4D adjusting and swivelling to one position of choice and comfort. Better still, the swapping capability enables the user to change the colours of the armrest to what suits their mood.

With the magnetic tabletop design (which is sold separately), users can instantly change their gaming chair into a quick and simple workstation. Perhaps among the top advantages of its magnetic features is the ease of assembling.

The MagClap design eases and expedites the assembling process in a very user friendly way.

It comes with 4-way built-in adoptive lumbar support positions for long-time sitting comfort. This allows users to customize their support level, which can help improve posture, reduce fatigue and relieve back pain. It also includes a multi-functional mechanism for adjusting the seat's height and tilt function. In addition, the reclining designs allow for adjustments between 90 to 165-degrees plus an angle lock.

The 100% Steel Chair Frame uses the best 22mm diameter steel, with a seamless design to ensure truly lasting stability and sturdiness. The Kaiser 3's upgraded leatherette and linen fabric provides a comfortable sitting experience. Bonded PVC (7 color options) features scratch and stain resistance and ever soft line fabric (ash gray and carbon black 2 color options) features great ventilation.

With 65kg/m3 one-piece molded foam, a perfect combination of strength and resilience is applied to keep the chair in shape over many years and prevent users from slouching while gaming or working for long hours. The heavy-duty aluminum wheelbase with King Size wheels enables gamers to smoothly move anywhere they please.

The Kaiser 3 is available in 2 sizes and nine colour options, each with an ergonomic seat with flatter wings supporting a maximum weight of 395lbs. Thanks to its steel frame, solid aluminium wheelbase, DuraXtraTM bonded PVC leather and EverSoftTM Linen Fabric upholstery, it promises to be a soft, comfortable, sturdy, and durable seat.

KAISER 3 Chair Size and Recommenced

kaiser 3 gaming chair and recommenced