AndaSeat Partners TES and FlyQuest: Highlights and Thrilling Showdown at the 2024 MSI Tournament

AndaSeat Partners TES and FlyQuest: Highlights and Thrilling Showdown at the 2024 MSI Tournament

May 20, 2024
andaseat partners tes and flyquest

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) for League of Legends concluded successfully on May 19, 2024, top-notch 12 teams from all over the world gathered in Chengdu, China, delivering intense and spectacular matches. And Gen.G Esports won the championship in the grand final.

Among them, Top Esports (TES) from China's LPL region and FlyQuest from North America's LCS region, both proud partners of the AndaSeat gaming chair esports team, also showcased remarkable performances on the main stage.

The Best Esports Moments We Have Seen

The MSI League of Legends Tournament 2024 has delivered a series of thrilling matches, we will go through the good games played in MSI 2024 by TES and FlyQuest respectively. Although they didn't make it to the finals, their successes on the main stage are quite impressive. Let us review their wonderful battles.

TES Highlights All Games

2024 MSI Bracket Stage TES vs TL: 3-0

On May 7, in the League of Legends 2024 Mid-Season Invitational Bracket Stage, Top Esports (TES) secured a complete 3-0 win over Team Liquid (TL) and successfully advanced further into the Upper Bracket.

In the first round, the Top Laner 369's Urgot accumulated enough experience and grasped the opportunity to set a good beginning for the match, and then a well-played double-kill from Bot JackeyLove on top lane ensured that TES remained highly dominant. Taking tenacity head-on, TES kept the momentum throughout rounds 2 and 3 and displayed amazing macro skills to adapt to difficult situations. Within the first 15 minutes of the last match, TES took down the turrets and secured the third dragon. Ultimately, they seized an opportunity to eliminate the enemy Renekton, support, and ADC, and took the set at 3-0.

As the second seed from the LPL (China), this match result is not only an impressively confident victory for Top Esports, but it also inspires the Chinese LoL community.

tes highlights all games

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FlyQuest Highlights All Games

2024 MSI Group Stage FlyQuest vs PSG.T: 2-1

FlyQuest is known for its innovative and disruptive gameplay. In the first qualifying match against PSG.T, after losing Game 1, Bwipo's brilliant performance with Urgot helped FLY tie the series 1-1. In decisive game 3, the team members utilized steady laning, excellent team fighting, and seizing opportunities to secure the win and advance successfully.

As one of the participating teams from the LCS region, FlyQuest is a formidable contender in the LCS group. Their journey in this tournament, marked by resilience and skill, has further solidified the reputation of LCS teams on the international stage.

flyquest highlights all games

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count.” - Winston Churchill.

As the proud gaming chair esports team, AndaSeat celebrates the unwavering spirit displayed by TES and FlyQuest, even in the face of adversity. Their determination to fight until the end mirrors the essence of AndaSeat. Although they ultimately ended in a loss, AndaSeat believes they will undoubtedly come back even stronger. We eagerly anticipate witnessing TES and FlyQuest deliver outstanding performances in the future.

FlyQuest and TES Interaction

Despite the fierce competition on the stage, top laners from two different regions, FlyQuest's Bwipo and TES's 369, engaged in a warm exchange off the stage, discussing match techniques and encouraging each other to perform well in the upcoming games. Finally, they exchanged their team uniforms as a gift, and this friendly interaction not only demonstrated mutual respect and camaraderie but also served as an inspiration for both teams in their upcoming competition.

andaseat partners tes and flyquest

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