Unveiling the Ultimate Throne: AndaSeat and Top Esports Forge Exclusive TES Edition Gaming Chairs

Unveiling the Ultimate Throne: AndaSeat and Top Esports Forge Exclusive TES Edition Gaming Chairs

May 22, 2024
andaseat tes gaming chair

AndaSeat, the global leader in manufacturing premium gaming chairs, and Top Esports (TES), a professional Chinese LPL LOL team, have announced a strategic partnership to bring incredible and exclusive gaming chairs with distinctive elements, ergonomic design, upgraded leather, and more, elevating the gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Now the AndaSeat Top Esports Edition Gaming Chair is currently available at the AndaSeat Store!

Taking tenacity head-on, along with the ability to adapt in difficult situations, TES keeps the momentum throughout the competition and is dedicated to holding the trophy in the world championships. Through this partnership, AndaSeat is releasing a limited eSports gaming chair to celebrate the TES team competing at the 2024 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), a global competition where top teams from different regions showcase their skills and strategies to secure their spot on the battlefield. Adhering to the 2024 MSI theme of “BECOME THE UNKNOWN”, this collaboration aims to redefine the endless possibilities within the gaming world. The exclusive TES edition gaming chair, it's not just a seat; it's a symbol of the dedication and passion that drives players and fans alike to strive for greatness.

Here's What We Know About the AndaSeat x TES Collection

Exclusive Style and Embroidery

The TES edition gaming chairs are the highlight of the AndaSeat IP series, boasting a blazing palette of black-red and white-red colors, these chairs amplify the classic and trendy while exuding a sense of boldness and excitement of eSports racing.

Meticulously crafted from numerous tiny stitches, the TES logo shines in brilliant hues. This logo concept art serves as the main identity of the team, depicting a tightly-fitted helmet crowned with the team name. The fine embroidery on the sharp helmet contrasts beautifully with the luxurious velvet fabric on the chair's back, imbuing the entire ensemble with a fiercely committed touch that closely matches TES's determination and willpower.

andaseat tes gaming chair embroidery

All-round Ergonomic Support

Featuring built-in lumbar adjustment (optional), along with 60mm of up-down adjustment and 35mm of in-out adjustment, the TES edition gaming chairs allow you to find the right height for optimal health support while maintaining the natural curvature of your body. Additionally, with 5D armrests, you can easily adjust your arms and wrists to various positions. Moreover, the ultra-comfortable headrest and lumbar pillow provide robust support for your upper body. Overall, with all of these ergonomic features, the chairs ensure ultimate comfort and guarantee good health during long gaming sessions.

andaseat tes gaming chair ergonomic support

Lean in Endless Bliss

According to AndaSeat, the TES-themed gaming chairs are made using top-tier materials that undergo thorough testing, ensuring a sleek leatherette surface that retains its original hue regardless of frequency of use, aging, wear, or exposure to excess sunlight. Additionally, the mechanisms are designed to allow reclining from 90° to 155°, with a 15° rocking function, encouraging you to find your preferred position for office work, gaming, studying, or any prolonged sitting activity. Together, these gaming chairs offer unparalleled comfort and versatility, suitable for various purposes.

Safekeeper in Every Posture

Excel in delivering high performance and ergonomic benefits, featuring a high-quality metal frame, SGS-certified Class-4 gas lift, and heavy-duty metal base, TES edition gaming chairs provide ultimate durability and comfort for you.

Which TES Edition Is Right for You?

We're offering the TES edition gaming chairs in various colors. Choose the perfect game gaming chair to support your back, and ensure a seamless fit into your setup.

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tes edition gaming chair recommended sizes

Final Words

AndaSeat and Top Esports (TES) are already working together to advance eSports development with custom TES Edition Gaming Chairs, allowing fans and gamers worldwide to show their support for the team. Through this partnership, they aim not only to enhance the comfort and performance of gamers but also to elevate the professionalism and prestige of eSports on a global scale even further.

About TES

Top Esports (TES), founded on 21 December 2017, formerly known as Topsports Gaming, is a Chinese esports organization. Comprising promising young players such as Top Laner Bai "369" Jiahao, Jungler Gao "Tian" Tianliang, Mid Laner "Creme" Linjian, AD Carry Yu "JackeyLove" Wenbo, and Support "Meiko" TianYe, TES has achieved considerable success in both domestic and international competitions., including won the one LPL title, in 2020, as well as the Mid-Season Cup. The organization is renowned for its dedication to excellence and its ability to nurture young talent, making it one of the most respected teams in the eSports world.

About AndaSeat

Found in 2007, AndaSeat is a leading global manufacturer striving to develop premium gaming chairs, desks, and accessories. With a top-notch and knowledgeable R&D team for technology, AndaSeat worked to make ergonomic, comfortable, and stylish gaming chairs for everyone and was dedicated to providing gamers worldwide with the ultimate seating experience.