Via Years of Research & Study Anda Seat Redefines Ergonomics
For We ONLY Makes What We Feels the MOST Comfortable.

How it all started

Zhou Lin, CEO & Founder of Anda Seat, is fanatic about Macau Grand Prixf - professional racing event for motor enthusiasts. He started up our company as a manufacturer of sport car seats for luxury cars - BMW and Mercedes Benz. Benefits from our factory's strong production capacity and strict quality control, our company gradually has been a well-know sport brand offering seat solutions for sport and racing cars. We are the Official Partner of our country's National Football Team. We are the Sole Seats Supplier for the National Volleyball League. We sponsor Top Football Clubs, Racing Clubs and and world wide Esport Teams...

Chairs being favored and appreciated, company being invited by partners as Esports has been a growing industry, we shifted towards gaming chairs and announced our own Esport Brand- Anda Seat! With all the expertise accumulated in car racing & sports, Anda Seat dedicates to offering esports chairs to 50+ countries customers with the missions to provide professional, healthy and comfortable gaming experiences. Anda Seat now is the world leading gaming chair brand.

Customer to Manufacturer Strategy

The innovative idea is to truly think in your shoes, and that can be a life - changing case — what you want is the best chair in a fair price, which might sound a bit greedy, but we made it happen — after years of research and efforts in this industry, we design and manufacture even the tiniest part all on our own, save every penny that you deserve.

We are in fully control of each process and component, engaging an OEM is never an option. That's the secret of how we only and always use the BEST to build the GREATEST.

Its Own Factory for Manufacturing

Since the very beginning, we operated our own factory for manufacturing. We've leveraged our experience and innovations to develop products catered to the sensibilities of the gaming community by combining the full spectrum of our expertise. With over 1000 highly qualified staffs and factories covering more than 10,000 square meters, We adopts the latest technologies, advance automatic production facility, as well as international 5S management. Design, comfort, functionality and quality-we have it all.



Anda Seat & Esport

We see how it torments you to game/work for long hours, we hear what you need is a chair that deserves every penny you've invested in - and here we are, capturing every tiny wish by designing ergonomically, manufacturing directly, and always thinking thoughtfully. We've since partnered with some of the biggest names in esports and entertainment, and we are the seat of choice for the world's premier brands, i.e. Fnatic, EXCEL, NAVI, Marvel, Ubisoft, Transformers ...

World Wide Business

Anda Seat benefits from creative talent pool in R&D, Design, Sales and Management teams for sustained success. Anda Seat is now a world - leading Esport chair brand, favored by players and video games industry professionals in over 50 countries. We’re in major markets like the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. And we’re only continuing to grow.

Our retail partners are proud to be apart of such a reputable gaming chair. Anda Seat is constantly working hard to improve gamers performance and comfortability when gaming.
•Phantom 3 •Rainbow Six •Kaiser 3
Stay tuned...
•T-Compact •EXCEL •NAVI •Black Widow •Soft Kitty •Jungle 2 Office Chair with Footrest
•T-Pro •Fnatic •Kaiser 2 •Marvel
Expanded the market in North America.
•Kaiser •Dark Demon •Jungle •Throne
The sole and official partner of our National Football Team and National Volleyball League. Our chairs are top choice for Fnatic, LGD, AHQ Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five, etc. •Axes •Dark Knight •Pretty in Pink •Dark Wizard
Sponsored the first champion of KPL, WEFUN and YTG,Assassin, Spirit King
Anda Seat is officially an Esport brand and launched its very own Esport chair.
Shifted towards gaming chairs, manufacturing for many Tier 1 gaming chair brands.
Started off manufacturing racing car seats for luxury cars. Provides professional seats for our national football and volleyball teams.
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