AndaSeat Launched Two Gaming Tables: Eagle 1400 and Mask 1200

The desks both feature multifunctional storage, carbon fibre texture table top which are skid-proof and wear-resistant as well as utilizing strong carbon steel framework

About AndaSeat Eagle 1400 and Mask 1200 Gaming Table


AndaSeat today announces the availability of new gaming desks, the 55” Eagle 1400 and 47” Mask 1200. The Eagle 1400 is available from the AndaSeat UK website and the US website whilst the Mask 1200 table is available from the AndaSeat UK website and the US website.

Additionally, AndaSeat are currently running a “Work from Home” campaign which gives customers up to 34% off their product range including the Mask 1200 desk between the 17th March and the 31st March. More information can be found for UK customers here and US customers here.  


The sleek Eagle 1400 computer table has an extra-large gaming surface with 55” length and 23” width whilst the Mask 1200 table has a large 47” length with 23” width desk space. Both desks feature plenty of room for gaming monitors, consoles, keyboards and other accessories.

The stylish carbon fibre texture PB table top (P2 criteria) on both desks stands out for its durability and elegance and is also skid-proof and wear-resistant so the perfect surface for next-generation gaming mice tracking capabilities. Both are strong enough to hold a maximum load of up to 330lbs. Toughened up with cold rolled carbon steel framework and also firmed up with a combination of robust load-bearing and an innovative structural design, it makes them more stable than competitors and allow gamers to play more accurately. Users can therefore fully focus on what’s important - games and eSports battles.

With plenty of storage to keep the area tidy and organized, both desktops feature a multifunctional cable box, cup holder and headphone holder to keep the surface as neat as possible and the multicoloured LED ambient light glows and changes to create a truly immersive gaming experience.


The Eagle 1400 is available from the AndaSeat UK website and the US website and the Mask 1200 is available from the AndaSeat UK website and the US website.

High resolution imagery is available here (You may need to copy this link into your browser)

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